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Yoav Hollander

Developer of the e language


The e language was first developed in 1992 in Israel by Yoav Hollander, with help from Amos Noy, Yaron Kashai and Guy Mosenson. The name “e”, comes from “English minus minus”, as opposed to C++.
Specman consumed the e language and used it to automatically generate the stimulus necessary to functionally verify a hardware system.

In 1995 Hollander founded a company, InSpec (later renamed Verisity), to commercialize the software. The product was introduced at the 1996 Design Automation Conference.

Prior to founding Verisity, Hollander was instrumental in the development of the verification environment employed by the Israeli design center of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) for pre- and post-silicon testing of virtually all of their designs. Prior to DEC, Hollander was technical leader at National Semiconductor’s Israeli design center, where he developed a general verification environment for CPUs.

Mr. Hollander holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Ben Gurion University


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