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Imperas Inc.

Modeling methodology and tools for software development and debug.


A Virtual Platform is a software representation of a processor-based system, which includes Instruction Accurate (IA) processor models coupled with whatever peripheral, memory and sub-system models are required to execute embedded software for the purposes of rigorous functional verification.
This requires ultra-fast software simulation models of processors, peripherals and behavioral components which, when simulated together, can execute embedded software up to a Billion Instructions per Second.

Imperas combines high-performance simulation with powerful tooling that ensures any code problems can be detected and repaired efficiently, while streamlining code execution.The system includes technology for bug discovery that can trap an issue with code running across many processor cores in a variety of operational scenarios.

Executive Insight: Simon Davidmann
The serial entrepreneur, investor and long-time industry insider sounds off on EDA, open source, and the importance of playing the cello.

Note: Imperas Inc. founded Open Virtual Platforms
The OVP initiative was founded with a donation by Imperas of approximately $4 million of simulation infrastructure.

HQ: Oxfordshire, England
Known for: Open Virtual Platforms, OVP
Web: URL
Type: Company
Founded by: Simon Davidmann in 2004

  • Type: Company


Verifying A RISC-V Processor