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Startup Funding: December 2020

More than $1.5B in funding for 26 startups; December was a big month for AI hardware.

Startup Funding: November 2020

Investors fund a wide range of chipmakers; $1.1B in investment for 28 startups.

Startup Funding: October 2020

Big funding for ADAS, autonomous driving, and EVs; twenty-four companies bring in over $1.6B.

Israel: Startup Powerhouse

Education, entrepreneurship, and plenty of talent, but no giant companies.

Cerfe Labs: Spin-On Memory

Arm offshoot focuses on CeRAM as potential low-cost replacement for existing memories.

Startup Funding: September 2020

Big investment in EV, batteries, and data center chips as 26 companies raise $2.6B.

Moov: Used Equipment Digital Marketplace

Startup leverages data technology to enable buying, selling of chip manufacturing equipment.

Startup Funding: August 2020

17 startups raised over $1B; RISC-V, design services, and chip analytics shine.

Astera Labs: Purpose-Built Connectivity

Startup targets compute-intensive workloads in the data center.

Startup Funding: July 2020

Fifteen startups bring in $786.5M in July, with big rounds for networking chips and EVs.

Vtech: Bus Performance, FPGA Debug

Company looks to commercialize technology developed by a systems company.

Startup Funding: June 2020

Sixteen startups draw $661M in June; big funding for chips in China; more quantum startups.

Startup Funding: May 2020

Interesting startups to watch: 18 brought in $446M this month, with chips getting some big funding.

Startup Funding: April 2020

Twenty-two startups drew $375M in April, with a big win for semi-autonomous trucking in China.

Startup Funding: March 2020

Seventeen startups bring in $525 million, with a strong showing for quantum computing.

Startup Funding: February 2020

From photoresists to LIDAR, 14 startups brought in $1B this month.

Startup Funding: January 2020

Twelve startups bring in over half a billion in new funding; connectivity startup emerges from stealth.

November 2019 Startup Funding

Sixteen startups attracted funding rounds of nine figures in November.

October ’19 Startup Funding: Mega Harvest

Seventeen startups took in mega-rounds of $100 million or more during October, with a cumulative total of just over $3.2 billion.

Optima Design Launches, Focuses On Functional Safety

Startup offers fault analysis tools to meet automotive ASIL-D safety standards.

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