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A New Approach to Metrology

Startup has a new leading-edge technology in metrology based on the Hall effect microscopy effect.

Training a Neural Network to Fall

A cautionary tale of an early attempt to put AI on an IoT system that detects when elderly people fall.

AI Accelerator Gyrfalcon Soars Post Stealth

Second generation inference accelerator ASIC targets the datacenter.

Zeno Semi Expands On-Chip Memory

Shrinking SRAM expands on-chip memory with standard CMOS, FinFET.

Startup Puts Quantum Security on USB, Dongles

Taking quantum-mechanical principles and dragging them kicking and screaming into the real world.

Baum: Finding SoC Power Flaws

Identifying power design flaws early with time/power-use analysis.

Carbon Nanotube DRAM

Is carbon nanotube memory too good to be true?

Syntiant: Analog Deep Learning Chips

Intel Capital funds startup to put AI in low-power mobile devices.

Spark Microsystems: LP On-Chip Radios

Startup seeks to displace BLE with RF that is extremely low energy.

Xceler Systems: Graph Architecture

Startup building AI chip like a brain, a few synapses at a time.

Ayar Labs: Faster I/O

Processer I/O made of fiber, not copper, could help reconfigure data centers.

Babblabs: Deep Learning Speech Processing

Startup to apply deep learning technology to advanced speech processing.

PowerDown: Power Efficiency

Recycling power used in one chip cycle to run the other can save 90% over pulling straight from the battery.

Aeponyx: Optical Chips For Telecom

New company seeks to cut cost of optical switch by 10X, improve performance by 100X.

Performance-IP: Less Memory Latency

Embedded IP improves performance by identifying and isolating random requests.

Fractilia: Pattern Roughness Metrology

Litho expert Chris Mack has started a new company that addresses line-edge roughness (LER).

Sigasi: Cleaner VHDL And SystemVerilog

Company applies software techniques to hardware coding.

SiFive: Low-Cost Custom Silicon

Company seeks to build solutions based on open-source processor cores.

GMK: Rethinking The Audio Jack

Korean startup adds power and digital communication to standard headphone plug.

MapD Makes GPUs First-Class Citizens

A San Francisco-based startup has come up with a novel solution for solving the big data analytics challenge by leveraging GPUs.

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