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Startup Funding: March 2024

Investors connect with interconnects; $1.1 billion for 39 companies.

Startup Funding: February 2024

Power electronics, data center interconnects among 49 startups that raised $800 million.

Startup Funding: January 2024

Chiplet packaging, AI, and quantum draw investment; 20 startups raise nearly $840 million.

Startup Funding: December 2023

Funding boosts photonics for AI, flexible chips; $1.3 billion for 72 companies.

Trendspotting: Automotive IC Startup Funding In 2023

Who's investing in automotive chip startups, where it's happening, and what's driving it.

Startup Funding: November 2023

Big month for quantum computing; 59 companies raise $1.7 billion.

Startup Funding: September 2023

Data center I/O, AI accelerators; nanostructures split in half; automotive full-stack driverless vehicle platforms; SPM for 3D surface measurements.

Startup Funding: August 2023

Investors funnel $4.2 billion into startups; AI hardware, automotive draw the most attention.

Startup Funding: July 2023

Investors pump $2.8B into 123 companies. Topping the list are photonic chips and a foundry to build them, and silicon qubits.

Startup Funding: June 2023

Silicon carbide, RISC-V, and optical interconnects win funding; 143 companies raise $3.5 billion.

Startup Funding: May 2023

Photonics, sustainability, and AI chips draw investment; 157 companies raised over $2.4 billion.

Startup Funding: April 2023

Packaging and inspection companies draw funding; 124 startups raise over $2.3 billion.

Startup Funding: March 2023

AI in the sensor, photonic packaging, freight ADAS funding; 123 startups raise $1.2B.

China Chip Industry Startup Funding Annual Report & Analysis: 2022

More than 700 chip industry-related companies raised $19B across 821 funding rounds in 2022. (Premium Content)

Startup Funding: February 2023

132 companies raise $4.5 billion, with big investments in quantum, batteries and materials.

Startup Funding: January 2023

Quantum computing all over the world; industrial AVs; 138 startups raise over $2 billion.

Chip Industry Startup Funding Annual Report & Analysis: 2022

More than 1,000 chip industry-related companies raised $32.7B across 1,200 funding rounds in 2022.

Startup Funding: December 2022

Wafer manufacturing and GPUs draw investment; 106 companies raise $2.8B.

Startup Funding: November 2022

127 startups raise $2.6B; data center connectivity, quantum computing, and batteries draw big funding.

Startup Funding: October 2022

113 startups raise $3.5B; batteries, AI, and new architectures top the list.

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