China Chip Industry Startup Funding Annual Report & Analysis: 2022

More than 700 chip industry-related companies raised $19B across 821 funding rounds in 2022. (Premium Content)


China startups 2022 Semiconductor Engineering E-Book CoverChina is racing to stay competitive in semiconductors, as trade sanctions increasingly limit its access to EDA tools and manufacturing equipment required for the most advanced manufacturing processes. As a result, state-backed investors and regional development funds are pouring money into domestic semiconductor companies. This report will provide a glimpse into where the money is going, and which startups and technologies received funding in 2022.


New ideas fuel the semiconductor industry, and money enables those ideas. Tracking what startups get funded is one way to see which ideas are more viable and which problems need to be solved most urgently. In general, the more startups working on a solution to a particular problem, the greater the need for a viable solution — and the more likely one will be developed. In China’s case, this is compounded by a need for basic tools and equipment, and the government’s focus on continued economic and technological competitiveness.

This report documents where the money was invested in 2022, how many times it was invested, and which industry sectors received it. It is both an indication of market potential, and a pointer to which are the next growth companies. ($50 fee for premium content.).

Key features of this report include:

  • Trends about what’s happening in different market segments;
  • An overview of where the money is going and why;
  • A listing of chip industry companies receiving funding;
  • Funding amounts (when disclosed), funding rounds, funding sources, key product offerings by startups, and company headquarters location, and
  • A summary table that is sortable by company name, sector, amount raised, funding type or country.

Market/technology segments covered in this funding report include:

Semiconductor Chips

  • Processors and logic
  • AI Hardware
  • Analog and mixed signal
  • Memory and storage
  • Power semiconductors
  • Wireless

Electronic Design Automation

  • EDA
  • EDA adjacencies

Manufacturing, Equipment and Materials

  • Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials

Packaging and Test

  • Packaging
  • Test and inspection

Displays and AR/VR

  • Displays
  • AR/VR

Other Technologies

  • Photonics
  • Quantum computing
  • Hardware security
  • Sensors


  • ADAS and autonomy
  • Automotive chips
  • Automotive components
  • Automotive sensors

Power Storage/Generation

  • Batteries
  • Ambient power

Various funding charts by province and type of funding.

Report Access

The complete funding report (126 pages) is available here.

Note, the 2022 global startup funding report can be found here.


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