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ClioSoft, Inc.

Hardware configuration and IP management solutions


ClioSoft is a developer of design data and IP management solutions for analog/mixed-signal, RF, custom IC and digital designs. The company’s SOS Design Collaboration platform provides a multi-site development environment that enables global team collaboration, IP management, design reuse and management of design data from concept through tape-out.
Support for different work models, including ECO flows, makes SOS most suitable to manage design data from RTL to GDSII.

SOS provides release management and version control. SOS is integrated into design flows – Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS), Cadence’s Virtuoso® Custom IC, Mentor Graphic’s Pyxis Custom IC Design, Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer® and Laker3â„¢ Custom Design.

Company History
1997 – ClioSoft was launched as a self-funded company, with the SOS (Save Our Source) platform as its first product to help manage front-end RTL flows.
1998 – Introduced SOS viaDFII, which integrated the revision control management features of SOS with the Cadence Virtuoso flow, allowing users of the Cadence Library Manager to manage revisions of schematics and layouts without worrying about the physical files.
2002 – Empowered multi-site design teams to collaborate efficiently on complex design projects by improving the performance in accessing design data.
2004 – Introduced SOS viaICstudio to provide integrated HCM for Mentor’s ICstudio product.
2007 – Introduced the Universal Data Management Adaptor, which enables CAD managers to interface any third-party tool with ClioSoft’s SOS to support any design flow. Awarded a US patent in 2010.
2008 – Introduced SOS products seamlessly integrated with SpringSoft’s (Synopsys®) Lakerâ„¢ and Synopsys® Custom Designer®.
2008 – Introduced the Enterprise Edition, which allows design teams to reference and reuse designs or IP blocks from different projects.
2012 – Authored the chapter on data management in the book Mixed Signal Methodology Guide by Jess Chen, Michael Henrie, Monte F Mar and Mladen Nizic.
2012 – Chosen by Mentor Graphics® as the only commercial vendor to provide data management for their Pyxisâ„¢ Custom IC Design Platform design flow.
2013 – Chosen by Agilent Technologies (now Keysight) as the data management vendor of choice for the Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS).

Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide