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MIPI Alliance

Interface standards for mobile devices


The MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative, non-profit organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices. It was founded in 2003.
The mission of the MIPI Alliance is to benefit the entire mobile industry by establishing standards for hardware and software interfaces in mobile devices. The organization actively promotes and encourages the adoption of these specifications throughout the industry value chain.

Adopting a set of standard hardware interfaces will produce peripheral hardware products from multiple vendors which work seamlessly with numerous processor and system-on-a-chip products. Since software is an integral component of many of these interfaces, some level of software standardization will enhance this improved inter-connectivity. A common set of interfaces will maximize design reuse, drive innovation and reduce time-to-market for all participants.

MIPI Specifications address only the interface technology, such as signaling characteristics and protocols. MIPI Specifications do not standardize entire application processors or peripherals. Products which utilize MIPI Specifications will retain many differentiating features. The MIPI Alliance does not seek to “commoditize” or drive pin-compatible, drop-in replacements among these products. Rather, we seek to create standards for these products to communicate with each other. By enabling products which share common MIPI interfaces, system integration is likely to be less burdensome than in the past.

  • HQ: Piscataway, NY, USA
  • Known for: MIPI, mobile, standards
  • Other names: MIPI
  • Type: Standards Group