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Lam Research

Wafer fabrication equipment


Lam Research makes products for semiconductor manufacturing.

David K. Lam founded the company in 1980 in Santa Clara, California. The company went public in 1984.

  • HQ: Fremont, CA, USA
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  • Type: Company


Innovations, products:

    • The AutoEtch, released in 1981.
    • Rainbow etch system in 1987.
    • First MSSD system, Concept One PECVD in 1987.
    • Invented single-wafer spin clean technology 1988.
    • SP Series spin clean systems in 1991.
    • Transformer Coupled Plasma conductor etch products in 1992.
    • Released Concept Two ALTUS CVD tungsten system in 1993.
    • Introduced first Dual Frequency Confined dielectric etch product in 1995.
    • Introduced SPEED HDP-CVD system 1996.
    • Announced SABRE ECD system in 1998.
    • Announced 2300 etch platform in 2000.
    • Launched VECTOR PECVD system in 2000.
    • Launched Da Vinci spin clean product in 2003.
    • Introduced first-generation Kiyo and Flex etch products in 2004.
    • Introduced ALTUS tungsten barrier CVD system in 2004.
    • Launched SOLA UVTP film treatment system in 2005.
    • Shipped first Syndion system for through-silicon via etch in 2007.
    • Introduced DV-Prime spin clean system in 2007.
    • Launched Coronus plasma bevel clean system in 2007.
    • Introduced GAMMA GxT and GAMMA G400 strip systems in 2008.
    • Announced SABRE 3D ECD system for wafer-level packaging in 2010.
    • Introduced product suite for 3D NAND: ALTUS Max ICEFill W-CVD, VECTOR Strata PECVD, Flex F Series dielectric etch in 2014.
    • Introduced solutions for multiple patterning: VECTOR, Kiyo F Series conductor etch products in 2014.


  • Acquired Bullen Semiconductor, now Silfex, Inc. in 2006.
  • Acquired SEZ AG, now Lam Research AG in 2008.
  • Merged with Novellus Systems in 2012.
  • Acquired Coventor, Inc. in 2017.

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