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Impacts Of Process Flow, Scaling, And Variability On Interconnect Performance

Evaluating the performance of interconnects across three process flows — single damascene, dual damascene, and semi-damascene.


Virtual fabrication is used to evaluate the performance of interconnects (line and via resistance, capacitance, etc.) across pitches compatible with either EUV single exposure or SADP for three different process flows: single damascene, dual damascene, and semi-damascene (subtractive metal etch). The effects of process variation for the three flows are also investigated to determine the relative importance of process flow, variation, and scaling when moving toward aggressive pitch interconnects.

Paper and presentation by K. Egelhofer Ruegger, P. Nanja, and M. Hargrove of Lam Research Corp. (United States), from the Proceedings Volume 12055, Advances in Patterning Materials and Processes XXXIX; 120550L (2022)
Event: SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning, 2022, San Jose, California, United States

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