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Intel Corp.

Intel is the largest microprocessor maker in the world.


Intel is the largest maker of microprocessors in the world. It was founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, who are credited with the first commercial microprocessor.
Intel was one of the two main drivers of the personal computer revolution, creating the essential hardware, which coupled with Microsoft’s operating system and applications, moved computing out of the glass house and onto the desktop. The company’s x86 architecture continues to be the standard computing platform for desktops, laptops, and midrange servers.

Today the company sells what it calls integrated digital platforms, which include a microprocessor, chipset, and sometimes other hardware, software and services. It also develops security software and provides services for technology integration. More recently, the company has entered into the commercial foundry business, lining up customers for its 14nm TriGate process.

While Intel continues to dominate the computer market, it has been less successful in the handheld mobile market. It remains to be seen whether its new Quark line, introduced in 2013, will help the company gain inroads.