Streaming Scan Network: An Efficient Packetized Data Network For Testing Of Complex SoCs

Bus-based packetized test delivery wins kudos from users.


Originally presented at the 2020 International Test Conference by Siemens and Intel authors, this paper describes the Tessent Streaming Scan Network technology and demonstrates how this packetized data network optimizes test time and implementation productivity for today’s complex SoCs. The author-submitted version of the IEEE paper is reprinted here with permission.

Authors: Jean-François Côté, Mark Kassab, Wojciech Janiszewski, Ricardo Rodrigues, Reinhard Meier, Bartosz Kaczmarek, Peter Orlando, Geir Eide, Janusz Rajski Siemens Digital Industries Software;
Glenn Colon-Bonet, Naveen Mysore, Ya Yin, Pankaj Pant, Intel Corporation

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