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System-Level Design

System Bits: May 22

AI benefits, disruptions; VR drone testing; wearable smart tech control.

System Bits: May 15

Self-driving tech for back roads; heavy fermion superconductors; auditory brain implants.

System Bits: May 8

AI and the brain; light-manipulated electrons; memristor cybersecurity device.

System Bits: May 1

Stimulating neural dust; 3D skin-printed electronics; AI on sw development.

System Bits: April 24

Spinning superconductors; integrating optical; wearable smart tech.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: May 22

Sensing without battery power; 1D interconnects; chromium memory.

Power/Performance Bits: May 15

Aluminum batteries; shrinking optical synthesizers; assessing solar tech.

Power/Performance Bits: May 8

Cobalt-free cathodes; benchmarking ML; squeezing solar cells.

Power/Performance Bits: May 1

Low power video streaming; solar whispering gallery; organic solar cell record.

Power/Performance Bits: April 24

Waste heat to power; diamond power conversion; sensing with TENGs.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: May 22

Exotic water; tracking water molecules; cryo-electron microscopy.

Manufacturing Bits: May 15

Space metrology; tracking the changes on earth.

Manufacturing Bits: May 8

Electrolyte transistors; DNA detection; VLSI preview.

Manufacturing Bits: May 1

Adaptive materials; stronger armor; AIN wafers.

Manufacturing Bits: April 24

Super electron guns; liquid cell TEMs; material partnerships.

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