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System-Level Design

System Bits: July 16

Synthetic biomolecular circuits; molecular clocks, electronics.

System Bits: July 10

Origami electronics; machine-learning for drug development, catalytic design.

System Bits: July 3

Deep learning autism therapy; plastic health monitoring; ocular sensor.

System Bits: June 26

AI for detecting pathogens; electronic skin.

System Bits: June 19

Faster medical image analysis; soft machines; simulating water.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: July 16

Bacterial solar; infrared rectenna; boron arsenide's thermal conductivity.

Power/Performance Bits: July 10

Heating up EV batteries; adaptive sampling algorithm; co-designing antennas and electronics.

Power/Performance Bits: July 3

Graphene foam; superatoms; higher-capacity cathodes.

Power/Performance Bits: June 26

Organic pigment for optoelectronics; transparent, conductive silver film.

Power/Performance Bits: June 19

Tandem solar reaches 25.2% efficiency; battery-free implants; magnetic insulator interconnects.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: July 16

Levitating metrology; better levitation; NY design effort.

Manufacturing Bits: July 10

Ruthenium interconnects; photonic contacts; GaN wires.

Manufacturing Bits: July 3

X-ray holography; photoelectron spectrometers; more metrology.

Manufacturing Bits: June 26

Gummy bear chips; LHC upgrade; plasma accelerator.

Manufacturing Bits: June 19

Cellulose nanopaper; superconducting MoPs; oxide films.

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