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System-Level Design

System Bits: Sept. 25

Schottky diodes get better equations; quantum computers; new qubit measurements.

System Bits: Sept. 18

SCADA security simulator; more efficient, transparent ML; AI in chemistry.

System Bits: Sept. 11

Quantum teleportation; entangled atoms; artificial synaptic device.

System Bits: Sept. 4

Quantum conductor, insulator; eye injury sensor; 3D printed colloidal crystals.

System Bits: Aug. 28

Characterizing quantum computers; control system simulator fights hackers; ultrathin nanocavities broaden bandwidth.

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Low-Power High-Performance

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 25

Heat transfer in 2D materials; nanoscale heat transfer; lithium metal battery coating.

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 18

Etching photovoltaics; solar panel degradation; photoelectrode for water splitting.

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 11

Non-toxic photoluminescent nanoparticles; double layer solar cell record.

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 4

Batteries: preventing fires; paper and bacteria; wastewater reuse.

Power/Performance Bits: Aug. 28

Multilayer stretchable electronics; optoelectronic fibers; Li-metal ceramic electrolyte.

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Manufacturing, Design & Test

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 25

Simulating quarks and gluons; giant neutrino detector, chess.

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 18

Flexible nanowires; molecular wires.

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 11

Microscopy resolution record; X-ray microscopes.

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 4

Flat diamond chips; diamond finFETs; strong alloys.

Manufacturing Bits: Aug. 28

Neutron scattering; 6D measurements; China’s neutron source.

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