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Foundries Accelerate Auto Efforts

Push toward more electronics in cars turns what used to be a marginal business into a profitable one.

Is 7nm The Last Major Node?

Technical issues increase, costs go up, and not all markets will benefit.

Filtering Out Fab Problems

Entegris' CEO talks about materials purity down to parts per quadrillion, and what impact that has on manufacturing yield at advanced nodes.

Neuromorphic Computing: Modeling The Brain

Competing models vie to show how the brain works, but none is perfect.

New BEOL/MOL Breakthroughs?

Different materials, approaches for contacts and interconnects begin to surface for 7/5nm.

Inside FD-SOI And Scaling

GlobalFoundries' CTO opens up on FD-SOI, 7nm finFETs, and what's next in scaling.

2.5D, ASICs Extend to 7nm

GlobalFoundries describes 7nm finFET details.

Sourcing Used Equipment

SurplusGlobal's EVP talks about equipment shortages in 200mm equipment and why this market is in crisis mode.

Samsung Unveils Scaling, Packaging Roadmaps

Foundry unit rolls out ambitious plan down to 4nm, along with 18nm FD-SOI and advanced packaging developments.

Reworking Established Nodes

Attention turns to pre-finFET processes because benefits of device scaling don't apply equally to all markets.

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Round Tables

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 3: EUV, DSA, nanoimprint, nanopatterning, and best guesses for how far lithography can be extended.

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 2: Where EUV fits, what problems still remain, and what are the alternatives.

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 1: EUV's viability still in doubt even as rollout begins. Uptime and cost are top concerns.

BEOL Issues At 10nm And 7nm

Experts at the table, part 3: EUV, metallization, self-alignment, ALD, and the limits of copper.

BEOL Issues At 10nm And 7nm

Experts at the table, part 2: The impact and cost of air gap; reducing RC delay with liner-less approaches and cobalt; where EUV will make a dent.....

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Tech Talk: 7nm Litho

Coventor's CTO digs into multi-patterning, new transistor types, and the biggest problems for device scaling.

Tech Talk: FD-SOI vs. FinFET

Cost, performance, multi-patterning and the 12nm roadmap.

Tech Talk: Embedded Memories

Which type of memory is better and why.

Tech Talk: GPU-Accelerated Photomasks

Upcoming challenges in the mask shop and how to deal with them.

Tech Talk: Double-Triple Patterning

What comes after double patterning and why you need to understand it.

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Machine Learning Meets IC Design

There are multiple layers in which machine learning can help with the creation of semiconductors, but getting there is not as simple as for other application areas.

Is 7nm The Last Major Node?

Technical issues increase, costs go up, and not all markets will benefit.

The Darker Side Of Machine Learning

Machine learning needs techniques to prevent adversarial use, along with better data protection and management.

IoT Startups Rake In Cash

Funding is free-flowing for the field, but hurdles persist.

Challenges For Future Fan-Outs

New lithography, equipment required as packaging continues to scale.