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What Happened To ReRAM?

After years of delays, this next-gen memory is finally gaining traction.

Unsolved Litho Issues At 7nm

Computational challenges on the rise with EUV. Scanners are no longer interchangeable.

Challenges Mount For Photomasks

Optical proximity correction, EUV pellicles, inverse lithography and actinic inspection make it hard to achieve a return on investment at advanced ...

Survey: Optimism Grows for EUV

VSB here to stay despite multi-beam mask writers.

Lam Research Acquires Coventor

Lam expands into the modeling and analysis market.

Why Fabs Worry About Tool Parts

How a single O ring can affect yield, and what to do about it.

Using Data To Improve Yield

Information technology adds big efficiency boost to industrial operations.

What Is Spin Torque MRAM?

Everspin's CEO drills down into new memory types, why and where they're needed, and why it's so hard to develop them.

What’s After FinFETs?

Chipmakers exploring nanosheet, nanoslab, nano-ring and hexagonal FETs.

Foundries Accelerate Auto Efforts

Push toward more electronics in cars turns what used to be a marginal business into a profitable one.

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Round Tables

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 3: EUV, DSA, nanoimprint, nanopatterning, and best guesses for how far lithography can be extended.

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 2: Where EUV fits, what problems still remain, and what are the alternatives.

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 1: EUV's viability still in doubt even as rollout begins. Uptime and cost are top concerns.

BEOL Issues At 10nm And 7nm

Experts at the table, part 3: EUV, metallization, self-alignment, ALD, and the limits of copper.

BEOL Issues At 10nm And 7nm

Experts at the table, part 2: The impact and cost of air gap; reducing RC delay with liner-less approaches and cobalt; where EUV will make a dent.....

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Tech Talk: Smart Manufacturing

What's behind the latest industry efforts and why this is so important.

Tech Talk: 7nm Litho

Coventor's CTO digs into multi-patterning, new transistor types, and the biggest problems for device scaling.

Tech Talk: FD-SOI vs. FinFET

Cost, performance, multi-patterning and the 12nm roadmap.

Tech Talk: Embedded Memories

Which type of memory is better and why.

Tech Talk: GPU-Accelerated Photomasks

Upcoming challenges in the mask shop and how to deal with them.

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Four Foundries Back MRAM

Next-gen embedded memory technology ramps up in wake of flash scaling issues.

The 200mm Equipment Scramble

Demand for equipment soars, but not all business models can support rising prices.

Frenzy At 10/7nm

Focus is on cutting costs across the board, and it turns out there is still quite a bit to cut.

Tools To Design CNNs

If neural networking architectures are simpler than a CPU, why is it so difficult to create them?

A Chip For All Seasons

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