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5G Test Equipment Race Begins

Next-gen wireless communications technology is still under development, but instrument suppliers are ready to test 5G in trial deployments.

Advanced Packaging Picks Up Steam

System-in-package technology is poised to roll out across multiple new markets.

Tracking Down Errors With Data

Optimal Plus' CTO looks at how data can be deployed to improve quality and yield, and to find out what went wrong.

Shrink Or Package?

Advanced packaging shifts to mainstream with complete flows, better tools, market proof points.

Chip Test Shifts Left

Semiconductor testing moves earlier in the process as quality and reliability become increasingly important.

Security Issues Up With Heterogeneity

Supply chain becomes central focus as more processors and memories are added into devices.

What’s Next In Scaling, Stacking

The 40nm gate-pitch cliff, 3D SoCs with microfluidic cooling, new fan-outs and 2.5D—it's all on the table.

Testing IoT Devices

Microcontrollers and other chips are in the mix.

2.5D, Fan-Out Inspection Issues Grow

Advanced packaging is now mainstream, but making sure these devices work properly while also cutting costs is getting harder.

Wireless Test: Too Many Protocols

Vendors struggle to balance new technologies and markets, and almost perpetual updates, against limited resources.

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Round Tables

2.5D Surprises And Alternatives

First of two parts: Cost and supply chain issues remain as advanced packaging begins to ramp.

Stacked Die Changes

Experts at the table, part 3: How mature are high-speed interconnects and what hurdles remain for widespread adoption.

Stacked Die Changes

Experts at the table, part 2: Different coefficients of thermal expansion cause warpage problems; known good die issues.

Stacked Die Changes

Experts at the table, part 1: There are new and better options for packaging chips together as the semiconductor industry begins to figure out what...

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Tech Talk: System In Package

Why advanced packaging is so important for autonomous driving and the semiconductor industry.

Tech Talk: 2.5D Issues

How ready is this packaging approach and what problems remain?

Tech Talk: 14nm And Stacked Die

Why the 14nm node will be long lived, and how it will be used in 2.5D and 3D-IC packages.

Tech Talk: 2.5D Stacked Die

What's the real motivation behind stacking die?

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Machine Learning Meets IC Design

There are multiple layers in which machine learning can help with the creation of semiconductors, but getting there is not as simple as for other application areas.

Is 7nm The Last Major Node?

Technical issues increase, costs go up, and not all markets will benefit.

The Darker Side Of Machine Learning

Machine learning needs techniques to prevent adversarial use, along with better data protection and management.

IoT Startups Rake In Cash

Funding is free-flowing for the field, but hurdles persist.

Challenges For Future Fan-Outs

New lithography, equipment required as packaging continues to scale.