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Test Costs Spiking

Use of more complex chips in safety- and mission-critical markets is changing pricing formulas for manufacturing.

Taming Novel NVM Non-Determinism

The race is on to find an easier-to-use alternative to flash that is also non-volatile.

Grading Chips For Longer Lifetimes

Different use cases, dependencies and testability are making direct comparisons much more difficult.

Logic Chip, Heal Thyself

Will self-healing chips put longevity and safety into automotive-bound electronics?

More Data, More Problems In Automotive

Data is becoming more useful and timely, but not everyone has access to it.

Failure Analysis Becoming Critical To Reliability

Once confined to analyzing returns, it now is shifting left and right as more data analytics are applied to both digital and analog.

Making 3D Structures And Packages More Reliable

Challenges and solutions for finding defects in new structures and multi-chip integration.

Automakers Changing Tactics On Reliability

Focus shifts to more data-centric approaches as chip content increases.

Big Growth Areas: Connectivity, AI, Reliability

Where the chip industry is heading this year, and where the biggest fallout will occur.

The Growing Challenges Of 5G Reliability

Rapid changes in next-gen wireless technology and standards are only adding to the complexity.

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Round Tables

New 5G Hurdles

Experts at the Table, part 2: Getting 5G standards and technology ready are only part of the problem. Reducing latency and developing applications ...

Preparing For A 5G World

Experts at the table, part 1: Rising costs, massive complexity, and challenges in testing and simulating these devices will require some fundamenta...

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Scan Diagnosis

What causes expected values in a scan test to change?

Testing Autonomous Vehicles

Why left-hand turns are so difficult, and other issues you probably never thought about.

How To Ensure Reliability

Using holistic product quality as a metric for determine how a device will function over its lifetime.

Using Machine Learning To Break Down Silos

Different ways to use ML in semiconductor manufacturing.

How 5G Affects Test

How to ensure millimeter wave technology will be reliable enough.

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Editor's Note

Test Is Becoming A Horizontal Process

Just putting a chip on an ATE machine is no longer sufficient for many applic...
March 10, 2020
Yield Management

MRAM Process Development And Production Briefing

What is MRAM and why is it becoming more attractive to the industry?
Test For The Autonomous Age

Improving Functional Safety For ICs

An improvement to BIST to meet test coverage for ISO 26262.
Semiconductor Yield Management

What’s WAT? Testing At The End Of Manufacturing

Using wafer acceptance testing to monitor the consistency of key parameters a...
Inside Big Data

Manufacturing Optimization With Digital Thread

By using a communication framework that tracks an asset's data throughout its...
Test Insight From Lab To Fab

Wafer Test Challenges For Chiplets

Making chiplets a mainstream technology relies on balancing the cost of test ...
Scaling Electronics

Using Machine Learning To Gain Data Insights

How advanced analytics can yield advanced visibility.
February 11, 2020

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3nm: Blurring Lines Between SoCs, PCBs And Packages

The end of Moore’s Law is providing options for shifting what goes where and how it gets designed.

Improving EUV Process Efficiency

New materials and equipment could have a significant impact on both cost and speed.

Memory Issues For AI Edge Chips

In-memory computing becomes critical, but which memory and at what process node?

The Ins And Outs Of Silicon Carbide

Cree’s CTO explains the different characteristics of silicon and SiC and where each one works best.

Why It’s So Hard To Create New Processors

Many companies are interested in developing their own processors, following the success of RISC-V, but verification is a daunting challenge.