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Data Buffering’s Role Grows

As data streaming continues to balloon out of control, managing the processing of that data is growing in importance.

Turning Down The Power

Why ultra-low power is suddenly an issue for everyone.

Predictions: Markets And Drivers

Part 1: What advancements can we expect to see in 2018, which markets will drive the industry, and what are the major challenges that have to be ad...

Mixed-Signal Issues Worse At 10/7nm

Putting as much functionality into digital circuitry helps, but it's becoming more difficult for these two worlds to exist on a single die at each ...

Pushing DRAM’s Limits

Plumbing problems of the past continue to haunt chipmakers as gap grows between processor and memory speed.

Accounting For Power Earlier

Examining the power impact of design decisions much earlier can have a big effect on what else a chip can do.

The Return Of Body Biasing

This technique lets engineering teams reach new power lows, but it's not always so simple.

New Drivers For I/O

Mobile phones are no longer driving I/O standards. Emerging industries take up the lead and idea sharing will help everybody.

Lots Of Little Knobs For Power

A growing list of small changes will be required to keep power, heat, and noise under control at 10/7nm and beyond.

The Next Phase Of Machine Learning

Chipmakers turn to inferencing as the next big opportunity for this technology.

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Round Tables

Power Modeling And Analysis

Experts at the Table, part 3: Juggling accuracy and fidelity while making the problem solvable with finite compute resources and exciting developme...

Power Modeling and Analysis

Experts at the Table, part 2: What does a power model look like and how do you ensure software utilizes power control properly?

Power Modeling And Analysis

Experts at the Table, part 1: Are power models created early enough to be useful, and is that the best approach?

IP Challenges Ahead

Part 2: For the IP industry to remain healthy it has to constantly innovate, but it's getting harder.

Optimization Challenges For 10nm And 7nm

Experts at the Table, Part 3: Modeling accuracy, skin effects and new packaging techniques take center stage.

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Tech Talk: 7nm Process Variation

A look at the issues caused by process variation and why it's difficult to find them.

Tech Talk: EM Crosstalk

An issue previously confined to analog circuits has become a critical design consideration for digital designs at 10/7nm.

Tech Talk: Substrate Noise Coupling

How noise can impact the sensitive analog parts of a design, where it comes from, and what to do about it.

Tech Talk: Near-Threshold Power

A look at the power benefits and performance impact as designs move closer to voltage thresholds.

Tech Talk: 7nm Thermal Effects

The impact of heat on reliability at advanced nodes and in automotive electronics.

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At The Core

Beacons Beckon Ubiquity In IoT Era

Context-aware devices are possible with Bluetooth Low Energy, but battery life i...
Power Awareness

Getting Power Management Right

There are many technical avenues to managing the power in heterogenous SoCs toda...
Power Source

Full-Chip Power Integrity And Reliability Signoff

Why power grid design has become a limiting factor for PPA....
On-Chip Power Integrity

10nm And 7nm Routability - How Is Your CAD Flow Doing?

Power integrity optimization can no longer be a reactive step in the backend pro...

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The Next 5 Years Of Chip Technology

Experts at the Table, part 1: Scaling logic beyond 5nm; the future of DRAM, 3D NAND and new types of memory; the high cost of too many possible solutions.

Foundry Challenges in 2018

Growth will remain steady, but it’s getting harder and more expensive to move to the next nodes.

The Week in Review: IoT

Bosch buys tokens; Thales rescues Gemalto; IoT at CES.

Chipmakers Look To New Materials

Silicon will be supplemented by 2D materials to extend Moore’s Law.

Machine Learning’s Growing Divide

Is the industry heading toward another hardware/software divide in machine learning? Both sides have different objectives.