Special Reports

Electronics Butterfly Effect

By: Brian Bailey

The electronics industry is about to go through the biggest change it has seen since th...
The Deep And Dark Webs

By: Ernest Worthman

The dark side of the Web has been around for a long time, but it is about to become a m...
Who’s Calling The Shots

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Second of two parts: Software remains a growing challenge.

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Top Stories

Rising Threats From Differential ...

How DPA has evolved and why it's so dangerous to the IoE.

Can Cars Be Hack-Proof?

What’s the baseline for security and who's responsible for seeing it gets implemented.

Lightweight Cryptography For The IoE

Light primitives and new technologies are driving the next generation of lightweight cr...

802.xx And The IoE

Part one: Various flavors of 802.xx will be used extensively for IoE devices. Here are ...

Executive Insight: Sanjiv Kaul

Calypto's CEO talks about why power is the top issue for finFET design and how to deal ...

Making Hardware Design More Agile

Experts at the table, part 3: Can the same techniques used in software apply at the sys...

Rethinking Differentiation

What makes one semiconductor design stand out from another?

Software Driving More Hardware De...

Functions and new OSes become the starting point for SoCs, but hardware still matters.

Embedded Vision Becoming Ubiquitous

Neural networks have propelled embedded vision to the point where they can be incorpora...

The Trouble With Abstractions

With all of the data needed for system tradeoffs coming from downstream, how well is de...

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Latest News

Blog Review: Sept. 2

Cars with too many features; Q&A with Cadence's Neeti Bhatnaga...

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

E-beam inspection; fab tool downturn; drone mania at Intel and...

The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Tessera acquires Ziptronix; SoC market: $200 billion by 2019?;...

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Startup Corner

Nymi: Wearable Authentication

Startup uses heartbeat biometric sensors to improve security, ...

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System Bits: Sept.1

Seeing quantum movement; cloud-focused datacenters; 2D materials.

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 1

Free-electron laser EUV consortium; 3D-printed fish; LEGO AFMs.

Power/Performance Bits: Sept. 1

Growing graphene nanoribbons; solid-state electrolytes in batt...

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Knowledge Centers / Entities, people and technologies explored


Intel Acquires Docea Power

Intel has acquired another EDA company, although both companie...

Tsinghua Makes $23B Bid For Micron

In what would be the largest takeover of a U.S. company by a C...

Avago Buys Broadcom; NXP Spins Of...

M&A activity heats up across semiconductor industry.

Analysis: Applied-TEL Scrap Merger

Applied Materials and TEL have agreed to terminate their merge...

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