Special Reports

Battling Fab Cycle Times

By: Mark LaPedus

Why it's taking longer to manufacture chips at 10/7nm and what can be done about it.
Devices Threatened By Analog Content?

By: Brian Bailey

With few measurable methods to assess analog quality, it's not clear how that can impac...
Betting On Wafer-Level Fan-Outs

By: Ed Sperling

Chipmakers focus on packaging to reduce routing issues at 10nm, 7nm. Tool and methodolo...

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Top Stories

Custom Hardware Thriving

Predictions about software-driven design with commoditized IoT hardware were wrong.

What Does AI Really Mean?

eSilicon's chairman looks at technology advances, its limitations, and the social impli...

Fault Simulation Reborn

A once indispensable tool is making a comeback for different applications, but problems...

MEMS: A Tale Of Two Tough Markets

First in a series: Challenges increase across the board, but for different reasons. Low...

Big Changes In Patterning

The shift to GPU-accelerated mask writing and curvilinear shapes could fundamentally ch...

Get Ready For Nanotube RAM

This nonvolatile technology is as fast as DRAM, uses same tools and processes as other ...

Progress In Flexible Electronics

Hybrid approach pairs very thin silicon with printed interconnects and sensors.

What Are FeFETs?

How this new memory stacks up against existing non-volatile memory.

Test More Complex For Cars, IoT

Safety-critical markets add new challenges for testing methodology, which can affect fu...

New Memories And Architectures Ahead

So far there is not widespread adoption, but many see change as inevitable.

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

More on Intel-Trump fab; finFETs; RF SOI; SEMI CEO.

The Week In Review: Design

Place-and-route tool update; formal VIP; communications DSP; A...

The Week In Review: IoT

ARM’s busy week; AT&T-Carrier deal; DHS grants.

Blog Review: Feb. 22

The state of electric vehicles; improving machine learning eff...

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Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 21

AFM-on-a-chip; robot metrology; measuring lasers.

System Bits: Feb. 21

Artificial synapse; quantum heat flow; clockless time measurem...

Power/Performance Bits: Feb. 21

Harvesting energy from multiple sources; super-dense coding fo...

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Startup Corner

Fractilia: Pattern Roughness Metr...

Litho expert Chris Mack has started a new company that address...

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Knowledge Centers / Entities, people and technologies explored


Siemens To Buy Mentor For $4.5B

Updated: Deal adds mechanical, thermal, electrical and embedde...

Samsung To Buy Harman For $8B

Tier 1 acquisition boosts automotive portfolio.

Qualcomm + NXP = IoT Powerhouse

What the Qualcomm-NXP deal means for IoT.

Lam, KLA-Tencor Scrap Merger

Updated: Regulatory issues plague M&A activity in fab tool bus...

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