Special Reports

China: Fab Boom or Bust?

By: Mark LaPedus

A frenzy of activity is causing lots of speculation about how this complex market will ...
Antenna Design Grows Up

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Modern electronics relies heavily on antennas, but companies still make mistakes. That'...
What Does An AI Chip Look Like?

By: Ed Sperling

As the market for artificial intelligence heats up, so does confusion about how to buil...

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Top Stories

Challenges Grow For IP Reuse

Methodologies for integration become a competitive tool as complexity and possible opti...

Users Talk Back On Standards Process

How does a standard get created? A lot of hard work and balancing different opinions ca...

Carving Up Verification

Cadence's verification chief discusses current best practices for dealing with design c...

Data Leakage And The IIoT

Connecting industrial equipment to the Internet offers big improvements in uptime and e...

Patterning Problems Pile Up

Edge placement error emerges as the top issue at advanced nodes.

TFETs Cut Sub-Threshold Swing

Devices are still experimental, but they could solve power issues in scaling.

Inside Lithography And Masks

Experts at the table, part 1: EUV's viability still in doubt even as rollout begins. Up...

Power Impacting Cost Of Chips

The cost of designing a power delivery network is rising, and that's not likely to chan...

MEMS: Improving Cost And Yield

Second in a series: New packaging options could help boost profitability, but testing a...

The Ultimate Shift Left

Many implementation steps have been moving earlier in the design flow. Floorplanning is...

Worst-Case Results Causing Problems

At 10nm and 7nm, overdesign can affect power, performance and time to market.

The Case For Narrowband-IoT

IP, software for existing LTE networks, in sub-$5 modules.

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

China’s IC recruitment drive; IC roadmap; ASE awards; 5G.

The Week In Review: IoT

AT&T, IBM add IIoT analytics; Samsung debuts Bixby; IoT Maker ...

The Week In Review: Design

Multicore heterogeneity; low power reference kit; predicting a...

Blog Review: March 22

TSMC's plans for 5nm; concurrent schematic design; toys and pr...

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Manufacturing Bits: March 21

Making harder windows; chaotic carbon; magnetic carbon.

System Bits: March 21

Sensor security holes; computer vision-aided medicine; flexibl...

Power/Performance Bits: March 21

Tiny redox flow batteries for chips; storing data on DNA; glas...

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Startup Corner

Fractilia: Pattern Roughness Metr...

Litho expert Chris Mack has started a new company that address...

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