Special Reports

Moore’s Law: A Status Report

By: Ed Sperling

The ability to shrink devices will continue for at least four more nodes as EUV begins ...
HBM Upstages DDR In Bandwidth, Power

By: Ann Steffora Mutschler

Design challenges and tool flow gaps emerge, but so do real-world PPA metrics.
The Great Machine Learning Race

By: Ed Sperling

Chip industry repositions as technology begins to take shape; no clear winners yet.

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Top Stories

Will Self-Heating Stop FinFETs

Central fins can be up to 50% hotter than other fins, causing inconsistent threshold be...

Inside Next-Gen Transistors

Coventor's CTO looks at new types of transistors, the expanding number of challenges at...

Cloud Computing Chips Changing

As cloud services adoption soars, datacenter chip requirements are evolving.

Supporting CPU Plus FPGA

Experts at the table, part 3: Partitioning, security issues, verification and field upg...

The Hunt For A Low-Power PHY

The physical layer interface is necessary for a chip to access the outside world, but i...

The Problem With Clocks

Clocks are power- and area- hungry, and difficult to distribute in a controlled manner....

Managing Voltage Drop At 10/7nm

Building a power delivery network with the low implementation overhead becomes more pro...

Electric Vehicles Set The Pace

Developments in this part of the market will define low power and energy efficiency for...

Time For Massively Parallel Testing

Increasing demand for system-level testing brings changes.

2.5D, FO-WLP Issues Come Into Focus

Advanced packaging goes mainstream, creating ripples throughout the back-end of the sem...

How Testing MEMS, Sensors Is Diff...

These devices require more than an electrical input and output.

Electroplating IC Packages

Tooling challenges increase as advanced packaging ramps up.

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Latest News

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Fab equipment rankings; Lam’s results; 3D NAND surge; analog...

The Week In Review: IoT

Startup raises $17.7M; HARMAN, IBM get a room; enterprises are...

The Week In Review: Design

Formal equivalence checking; data fusion; cryogenic computing;...

Blog Review: April 19

Portable stimulus and languages; from universities to commerci...

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Manufacturing Bits: April 18

3D printing on Mars; microreactors; 2D nanosheets.

Power/Performance Bits: April 18

Cooling hotspots; seaweed batteries; supercapacitor-boosting e...

System Bits: April 18

RISC-V errors; spin-wave logic gates; deep learning is old.

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Startup Corner

Fractilia: Pattern Roughness Metr...

Litho expert Chris Mack has started a new company that address...

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