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Micro-Mobility Market Potential Widens

From e-scooters to robotaxis, transportation is undergoing massive shifts.

Next Wave Of Security For IIoT

New technology, approaches will provide some protection, but gaps still remain.

February Startup Funding: Big Cash Keeps Rolling In

A month with a trio of billion-dollar rounds.

Using AI Data For Security

Pushing data processing to the edge has opened up new security risks, and lots of new opportunities.

Blockchain May Be Overkill for Most IIoT Security

Without an efficient blockchain template for IoT, other options are better.

VCSEL Technology Takes Off

iPhone X elevates niche optical technology to hot growth market. Now the question is what else it is good for?

Issues In Designing 5G Beamforming Antennas

Assuring quality under changing conditions with shifting standards and use models is a major challenge.

The Race To Multi-Domain SoCs

Arteris IP's CEO looks at how automotive and AI are altering chip design.

Building Security Into RISC-V Systems

Experts at the Table, part 2: Emphasis shifting to firmware, system-level architectures, and collaboration between industry, academia and government.

The Data Deluge

Cadence's CEO talks about why the explosion in data is now driving chip and system design and what changes that is creating.

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Round Tables

Building Security Into RISC-V Systems

Experts at the Table, part 2: Emphasis shifting to firmware, system-level architectures, and collaboration between industry, academia and government.

IoT Device Security Makes Slow Progress

Experts at the Table: While attention is being paid to security in IoT devices, still more must be done.

Open-Source RISC-V Hardware And Security

Experts at the Table, Part 1: The advantages and limitations of a new instruction set architecture.

The Rising Cost Of 5G

Experts at the table, part 3: Big increases in power consumption and uncertainty about how to test these devices have yet to be resolved.

Pros, Cons Of ML-Specific Chips

Machine Learning's Limits, part 3: Which processor type is the best for training and inferencing, and why are there so many companies trying to bui...

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Designing An AI SoC

Balancing custom design, rapidly changing algorithms and the need for economies of scale.

The Winograd Transformation

How to streamline convolutional neural networks.

Designing Networking Chips

How massive data traffic is affecting the verification cycle.

Benchmarks For The Edge

What works, what doesn’t and why.

Edge Inferencing Challenges

Balancing different variables to improve performance.

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The Next Spoiler Alert

Searching for esoteric hardware vulnerabilities may be missing the point.
March 7, 2019

AI: Where’s The Money?

What the market for AI hardware might look like in 2025.
Building The IoE

Chip Design For The Age Of New Mobility

From rapid changes in AI algorithms to ensuring functional safety and reliabi...
Flexible Chips

Inference Acceleration: Follow The Memory

What two different neural network models can show us about the importance of ...
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Mine Cryptocurrencies Sooner, Part 1

How Bitcoin mining works and why unforeseen consequences are driving new cryp...
Safe, Secure, Smarter Cars

Don’t Have A Meltdown Over A Spectre In Your SoC

Security verification through formal analysis should be part of the verificat...
Data On Data

Making Things Simple With NVMe/TCP

With so many NVMe fabric options, why is there need for another one?
Where Electronics Begins

Where Electronics Begins, And So Much More

Get ready for ES Design West.
February 13, 2019
Security Matters

Meltdown And Spectre, One Year Later

New vulnerabilities have emerged around software techniques that damage hardw...
February 11, 2019
DAC Exchange

Design Infrastructure Alley at DAC 2019

The good and bad of moving data to the cloud.
Design Reuse Made Real

It’s Time For Companies To Embrace IP Management

What keeps companies from adopting new methods that could improve efficiency?
November 12, 2018

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Engineering Talent Shortage Now Top Risk Factor

New market opportunities and global competitiveness are limited by qualified people.

The Challenge Of RISC-V Compliance

Showing that a processor core adheres to a specification becomes more difficult when the specification is extensible.

Finding Defects In Chips With Machine Learning

Better algorithms and more data could bolster adoption, particularly at advanced nodes.

In-Memory Vs. Near-Memory Computing

New approaches are competing for attention as scaling benefits diminish.

Using Sensor Data To Improve Yield And Uptime

Deeper understanding of equipment behavior and market needs will have broad impact across the semiconductor supply chain.