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Hyperscaling The Data Center

The enterprise no longer is at the center of the IT universe. An extreme economic shift has chipmakers focused on hyperscale clouds.

Enabling Automotive Design

Not all IP is created equal, and not all of it will work in automotive designs.

IoT’s Many Different Forms

Industrial and consumer IoT are developing in multiple guises.

State Of The IoT

Growth continues to surge, but definitions, management and security issues remain problematic.

Different Approaches To Security

Platform approaches, better understanding of security holes and new technologies could help deter attackers.

The New Road Warriors

Tech companies pour into automotive sector, vying for a piece of the assisted and autonomous driving market.

Deals: Mentor-Solido, Marvell-Cavium

M&A activity heats up everywhere.

Faster Commoditization In Cars

As automakers rev up autonomous driving, cost cutting needs to happen at an unprecedented pace and scale—even for new technologies.

Security For Embedded Electronics

There are specific security precautions for embedded devices and systems.

Securing Smart Homes

Threat levels rise as more devices are connected. Solutions are available, but they are often ignored.

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Round Tables

How To Build An IoT Chip

Experts at the Table, part 2: Where data gets processed, how to secure devices, and questions about whether there can be economies of scale in this...

How To Build An IoT Chip

Experts at the Table, part 1: Strategies for dealing with conflicting requirements, relying on pre-integrated and pre-verified subsystems, and a gr...

IP Biz Changes As Markets Fragment

Experts at the Table, part 2: Tracking IP and potential issues; dealing with multiple versions of the same IP; the impact of advanced packaging; wi...

IP Business Changing As Markets Shift

Experts at the Table, part 1: Rising complexity, new technologies, and the challenges of keeping track of and protecting intellectual property are ...

Verification And The IoT

Experts at the Table, part 3: Shifting left, extending right; using machine learning and data mining to find new bugs and open up new usage options.

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Tech Talk: 802.11ax Multi-User

How the new standard improves wireless bandwidth in the home and office and what's needed to implement it.

Tech Talk: MCU Acceleration

How to boost the performance and efficiency of microcontrollers using eFPGAs.

Tech Talk: eFPGA LUTs

Which look-up tables to use for different applications.

Tech Talk: eFPGA Programming

How working with embedded FPGAs differs from ASICs.

Tech Talk: eFPGA Verification

How embedded FPGAs compare to a discrete FPGAs and ASICs.

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The IoT Is Alive And Well

Rumors of its lackluster growth appear to be company- or segment-specific. ...
Security On Chip

Automotive Opps Drive Change For Systems Companies

Is an automotive IP provider now more of a systems company? ...
Building The IoE

How To Sleep Easier If You Test Auto ICs For A Living

Final testing can be up to 30% of an automotive IC's total cost. Can you reduce ...
Safe, Secure, Smarter Cars

The Road To Autonomous Driving Is Paved With New Opportunities For Chip Companie

New software will demand new chip designs, and big chances for the industry to i...
Security Matters

Securing Automotive Over-The-Air (SOTA) Updates

New guidelines help make sure secure updates really are secure....
Flexible Chips

Get eFPGA With Your CPU Now

Embedded FPGA accelerators provide a boost for both ARM and RISC-V processors....
Data On Data

A Better Way To Connect The Home

Apple is making it much easier to connect devices....
Embedded Insights

What Are You Going To Do About IoT Security?

Everyone agrees there's a big problem. So now what?...
Design Reuse Made Real

Effective Management Of System Designs

Why information gets lost and how you can prevent that from happening while also...
Embedded Thoughts

The Case For Combining CPUs With FPGA Fabrics

How to continue driving performance gains as the benefits of scaling fall off....
Memory Bolt

The Black Box In Auto Vehicles

Keeping a car's crash data secure....

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Here Comes High-Res Car Radar

A new crop of device makers are developing chips based on high-resolution radar technology for assisted and autonomous driving in cars.

Variation Spreads At 10/7nm

Differences in equipment under scrutiny as tolerances tighten.

What’s Next For Atomic Layer Etch?

Technology begins shipping, but which approaches work best, and where, is still not clear.

The New Road Warriors

Tech companies pour into automotive sector, vying for a piece of the assisted and autonomous driving market.

Shortages Hit Packaging Biz

Unexpected spike in IC demand is spilling over into the packaging supply chain.