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Auto Industry Shifts Gears On Where Data Gets Processed

How to manage massive amounts of data in real time still isn't clear, but it can't be done in the cloud.

Security Risks In The Supply Chain

Trojans, a dual supply chain and industry consolidation are creating new threats for chipmakers.

Can Germany’s Auto Industry Keep Pace?

New technology is challenging decades of engineering leadership.

Election Security At The Chip Level

RISC-V-based solution under development, but the very nature of a voting system raises issues.

Betting On Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Hydrogen fuel cells will play a role in the transportation ecosystem of the future, but how large a role hinges on infrastructure and application-s...

A Trillion Security Risks

Why an explosion in IoT devices significantly raises the threat level.

November 2019 Startup Funding

Sixteen startups attracted funding rounds of nine figures in November.

October ’19 Startup Funding: Mega Harvest

Seventeen startups took in mega-rounds of $100 million or more during October, with a cumulative total of just over $3.2 billion.

Planning For Failures In Automotive

Is it better to build expensive parts that are highly reliable, or redundant cheaper parts?

How Secure Is Your Face?

Biometrics are convenient and ubiquitous, but they aren't a substitute for good security.

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Security Tradeoffs In A Shifting Global Supply Chain

How many simulation cycles are needed to crack an AES key? Plus, the impact of trade wars on semiconductor security and reliability.

Why Data Is So Difficult To Protect In AI Chips

AI systems are designed to move data through at high speed, not limit access. That creates a security risk.

The Race For Better Computational Software

Cadence's president, Anirudh Devgan, looks at big shifts toward hardware-driven verification and simulation and the impact of AI on the whole desig...

Challenges To Building Level 5 Automotive Chips

Experts at the Table: The challenges to build a single chip to handle future autonomous functions of a vehicle span many areas across the design pr...

New Approaches For Hardware Security

Experts at the Table: Waiting for secure designs everywhere isn't a viable strategy, so security experts are starting to utilize different approach...

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Using Static Analysis For Functional Safety

Why this technology is suddenly so important.

3 Safety Standards For Auto Electronics

Why so many standards and what does each one require?

MLPerf Benchmarks

What the machine learning benchmarking group’s new release means for edge inferencing.

Challenges In IP Reuse

A look at just how complicated third-party IP is today.


How the Compute Express Link compares with the Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators.

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The Evolution Of Pervasive Computing

IoT, edge and cloud are becoming demarcations for where to process data.
January 9, 2020
Building The IoE

Automotive E/E Architectures Are Key To Continued Innovation

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers will need to adopt a new design method...
Safe, Secure, Smarter Cars

Using Automotive IP For Easier Integration Of Safety Into...

Examining the differences between systematic verification and safety-related ...
Security Matters

California’s IoT Law Is A Good Start, But More Need...

Device designers need to prioritize security as a primary design goal of a co...
Flexible Chips

Where Is The eFPGA Market And Ecosystem Headed?

An overview of this decade's hot new technology and how it is being deployed.
Design Reuse Made Real

Can You Afford To Waste Time On Your Next Design Project?

The importance of being able to identify what IP is being used by which proje...
Design Bytes

Open Source Faces Challenges In 2020

Can open source projects ever find a sustainable business model?

Taking Self-Driving Safety Standards Beyond ISO 26262

If we want to be serious about autonomous vehicles, the safety standard lands...
December 5, 2019
Evolving The Car

AI/ML’s Role In ADAS

AI and machine learning advancements are evolving along with ADAS development.
August 1, 2019
DAC Exchange

DAC: An Exhibitor’s Perspective

Things to think about before and at DAC.
May 8, 2019
Embedded Thoughts

Mine Cryptocurrencies Sooner, Part 2

What lessons have newer cryptocurrencies learned from Bitcoin that make them ...
April 4, 2019

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Can Germany’s Auto Industry Keep Pace?

New technology is challenging decades of engineering leadership.

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