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Is ADAS The Edge?

Uncertainty about where processing will occur is causing confusion over definitions.

Can The Hardware Supply Chain Remain Secure?

The growing number of threats are cause for concern, but is it really possible to slip malicious code into a chip?

Make Your Own Energy

Efficient use of power and energy in electric vehicles and smart buildings will require innovative thinking.

Creating A Roadmap For Hardware Security

Government and private organizations developing blueprints for semiconductor industry as threat level rises.

April Startup Funding: Corporate Gushers

Money pours into startups with more big investments on the way.

Spreading Intelligence From The Cloud To The Edge

Explosion of data is forcing significant changes in where processing is done.

The Long And Detailed Road To Automotive Compliance

Bringing an engineering organization up to speed with automotive safety standards is a long and arduous process.

March Startup Funding: Money Springs Forth

The SoftBank Vision Fund figures in some of the biggest rounds in the month.

Micro-Mobility Market Potential Widens

From e-scooters to robotaxis, transportation is undergoing massive shifts.

How To Build An Automotive Chip

Changing standards, stringent requirements and a mix of expertise make this a tough market to crack.

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Building Security Into RISC-V Systems

Experts at the Table, part 2: Emphasis shifting to firmware, system-level architectures, and collaboration between industry, academia and government.

IoT Device Security Makes Slow Progress

Experts at the Table: While attention is being paid to security in IoT devices, still more must be done.

Open-Source RISC-V Hardware And Security

Experts at the Table, Part 1: The advantages and limitations of a new instruction set architecture.

The Rising Cost Of 5G

Experts at the table, part 3: Big increases in power consumption and uncertainty about how to test these devices have yet to be resolved.

Pros, Cons Of ML-Specific Chips

Machine Learning's Limits, part 3: Which processor type is the best for training and inferencing, and why are there so many companies trying to bui...

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Automotive System Design

How to build and update chips in cars.

Improving Edge Inferencing

Where are the bottlenecks in AI chips and how to boost the efficiency.

Complexity’s Impact On Security

How interactions between components can compromise AI inferencing models.

Safety Critical Design In Automotive

Finding faults at the chip and system level.

Designing An AI SoC

Balancing custom design, rapidly changing algorithms and the need for economies of scale.

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The Rapid Success Of IP Reuse

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Neural Network Performance Modeling Software

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DAC: An Exhibitor’s Perspective

Things to think about before and at DAC.
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Road Not Fully Constructed

Why there is growing concern about L3 and L4 autonomy.
May 2, 2019

Interconnect Prominence In Fail-Operational Architectures

How do you manage when a subsystem needs to reboot in an autonomous vehicle?
Safe, Secure, Smarter Cars

Dude, Where’s My Autonomous Car?

The 6 levels of driving automation and where we are now.
Building The IoE

Three Tools Help Put Safe Vehicles On The Road

What needs to be included in any comprehensive autonomous vehicle verificatio...
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Low Latency Networks: RoCE Or iWARP?

The fundamental differences that help determine which low latency network pro...
Embedded Thoughts

Mine Cryptocurrencies Sooner, Part 2

What lessons have newer cryptocurrencies learned from Bitcoin that make them ...
April 4, 2019
Where Electronics Begins

Where Electronics Begins, And So Much More

Get ready for ES Design West.
February 13, 2019

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The Case For Embedded FPGAs Strengthens And Widens

Combining the flexibility of a FPGA with the performance and cost benefits of an SoC is pushing this technology well into the mainstream.

The Limits Of Energy Harvesting

Why the promise of unlimited power in end devices has achieved only spotty success.

Chiplet Momentum Builds, Despite Tradeoffs

Pre-characterized tiles can move Moore’s Law forward, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

5G Heats Up Base Stations

Inefficient conversion of RF to digital and continuous connectivity issues are causing thermal problems, threatening signal integrity and reliability.

Creating A Roadmap For Hardware Security

Government and private organizations developing blueprints for semiconductor industry as threat level rises.