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Why Semiconductor Security Is More Important Than Ever in 2024

When I think about the state of semiconductor security today compared to when I joined Cycuity in 2020, I can safely say that chip security conversations are now taking place with greater frequency and urgency. Over the past year, I observed three trends that I expect will continue and accelerate in 2024: Continued occurrence of new and increasingly sophisticated cyber incidents Emergen... » read more

A New Phase In The Journey To Trustworthy Electronic Products

Semiconductor chips drive our everyday lives – and our global economy – in more ways than any of us could have envisioned when Tortuga Logic was founded in 2014. And similarly, the importance of hardware security has grown dramatically beyond what anyone could have predicted at that time. This has led us to redouble our effort to help the industry develop trustworthy products in the next ph... » read more

COVID-19 And Cybersecurity: Pay Attention To Exponential Growth!

COVID-19 and cybersecurity – you may wonder what these two seemingly very different topics have in common. I would list two: Both of them are exponential in nature, which, as a society we have difficulties grappling with – making this one of the reasons for our uneven responses. Both of them require a multi-layered solution strategy that, while it does not need to be perfect, must b... » read more

Hardware Security: A Critical Piece Of The Cybersecurity Puzzle

Cybersecurity is a critical foundation of our rapidly expanding digital world spanning hardware and software that powers everything from our personal devices to the global infrastructure. Over the past decade, significant progress has been made in many security domains, especially in maturing secure software development processes. So far, hardware security has received limited attention, howeve... » read more