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Secure Your SoC From Side Channel Attacks With Adaptable Security

Many SoC and ASIC manufacturers rely heavily on cryptographic solutions to safeguard sensitive IP and data transmission within their devices. In a dynamic landscape where threats from attackers continue to evolve, encryption algorithms play a crucial role in fortifying defenses. Hackers today are leveraging advanced physical tactics that extend beyond traditional data interception, posing signi... » read more

Overcoming Chiplet Integration Challenges With Adaptability

Chiplets are exploding in popularity due to key benefits such as lower cost, lower power, higher performance and greater flexibility to meet specific market requirements. More importantly, chiplets can reduce time-to-market, thus decreasing time-to-revenue! Heterogeneous and modular SoC design can accelerate innovation and adaptation for many companies. What’s not to like about chiplets? Well... » read more

Maximize SoC Compatibility With Flexible Pre- And Post-Processing

Building ASICs and custom ICs (integrated circuits) is becoming increasingly challenging. To create successful products with long-lasting market impact, it's essential for the critical IP to be differentiated by performance, power, and features. It is difficult to predict and design for every potential application, especially considering each application has unique interfaces and processing req... » read more

Accelerate Complex Algorithms With Adaptable Signal Processing Solutions

Technology is continuously advancing and exponentially increasing the amount of data produced. Data comes from a multitude of sources and formats, requiring systems to process different algorithms. Each of these algorithms present their own challenges including low-latency and deterministic processing to keep up with incoming data rates and rapid response time. Considering that many of these se... » read more

Expand Your Semiconductor’s Market With Programmable Data Planes

In nearly every communication interface today, many challenges exist. Not only must networks manage high volumes of data traffic, they must also be highly aware of malicious data intrusions. With increasing data moving though these networks, combined with demand for faster response times and lower latency, high performance packet processors came into existence as these were the only mechanisms ... » read more

Enabling Long-Lasting Security For Semiconductors

There’s no doubt we live in a world where technology is highly intertwined within our daily lives. It has become pervasive in our homes, our automobiles and, critically, at our work. With so many access points into our lives, we’ve not only become extremely vulnerable to data collection, but more devastatingly, hackers. Today, hackers have more time, resources, available training and motiva... » read more