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Ultimate Guide To Machine Learning For Embedded Systems

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence which gives computers an ability to learn from data in an iterative manner using different techniques. Our aim here being to learn and predict from data. This is a big diversion from other fields which poses the limitation of programming instructions instead of learning from them. Machine learning in embedded systems specifically target ... » read more

Next Generation Highly Power-Efficient AI Accelerator (DRP-AI3)

As the working population decreases due to falling birthrates and a growing proportion of the population being elderly, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) processing, such as recognition of the surrounding environment, decision of actions, and motion control, will be required in various aspects of society, including factories, logistics, medical care, service robots operating in the city, an... » read more

Build Secured And Cost Effective Next-Generation Actuator And Sensor Applications Based On The Latest E/E Architectures

Automotive E/E architectures have undergone remarkable changes in recent years influencing actuator and sensor applications such as body control (lights, windows, and mirrors, etc.), motor control such as engine pumps and fans, and sensor control. Traditionally, these applications have used small and low-cost 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) but now they need more advanced 16-bit MCUs. In this wh... » read more

Simplifying the Connected Future: Navigating Complexity In The IoT Landscape

Smart home devices, appliances, ear buds, personal medical devices, smart energy meters, POS machines, asset, and fitness trackers, … Whatever device you can think of that makes our lives more convenient, safer and more enjoyable, in today’s world it’s likely to be connected, often wirelessly. Almost everywhere, connectivity is no longer an extra, it’s expected. And expectations are gro... » read more

Flexible Temperature Measurement with the ZSSC3241 Enables Bridge as Temperature Sensor

Accurate measurement using sensor elements requires precise and local measurement of the element’s temperature for correction and compensation across a wide operating range. Thus, an integral part of Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC) functionality is to provide at least one or more methods to measure temperature of the sensor element, which is typically a resistive bridge or capacitive transduc... » read more

Data Collection For Edge AI / Tiny ML With Sensors

Reality AI software from Renesas provides solution suites and tools for R&D engineers who build products and internal solutions using sensors. Working with accelerometers, vibration, sound, electrical (current/voltage/ capacitance), radar, RF, proprietary sensors, and other types of sensor data, Reality AI software identifies signatures of events and conditions, correlates changes in signat... » read more

Cyberon Speech Recognition Technology – Light Bulb

The purpose of a design journey is to show, in a demonstrative way, how to incorporate the technology into a design. The base designs are by definition very simple to highlight the new technology and how it can be incorporated easily. Distinct lines are drawn between the application and the technology so the reader can more generalize how to incorporate it in their own design. Introduction ... » read more

HW/SW Security Mechanisms For Future Automotive Society

The demand of information security for automotive has substantially increased in recent years. The In-vehicle network is digitalized, and its connectivity is becoming very popular. Similar to the typical network security developed with the internet around 2000, the strong demand of cybersecurity within automotive is rapidly changing. Automotive hacking and theft caused by the flaw of security m... » read more

Reduce BOM Costs And Development Efforts for EtherCAT and Other Industrial Ethernet-Compatible Servo Systems

EtherCAT and other industrial Ethernet systems are expanding into fields beyond factory networks. On the other hand, the conventional implementation style of industrial Ethernet introduces the issue of rising BOM costs due to an increase in the number of required components. Moreover, supporting multiple industrial Ethernet protocols require more reusable software other than industrial Ethernet... » read more

Smallest Thinnest Power Modules For Data Center Optical Modules

Data transmission rates in optical communication field are on a constant rise. This paper describes the ever-increasing demand for highly integrated, small form factor, low profile yet thermally superior and electrically efficient power supply solution to support these high data rates and large amount of data transfer. It then follows to highlight Renesas’s best in class mini power mo... » read more

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