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Cyberon Speech Recognition Technology – Light Bulb

The purpose of a design journey is to show, in a demonstrative way, how to incorporate the technology into a design. The base designs are by definition very simple to highlight the new technology and how it can be incorporated easily. Distinct lines are drawn between the application and the technology so the reader can more generalize how to incorporate it in their own design. Introduction ... » read more

HW/SW Security Mechanisms For Future Automotive Society

The demand of information security for automotive has substantially increased in recent years. The In-vehicle network is digitalized, and its connectivity is becoming very popular. Similar to the typical network security developed with the internet around 2000, the strong demand of cybersecurity within automotive is rapidly changing. Automotive hacking and theft caused by the flaw of security m... » read more

Reduce BOM Costs And Development Efforts for EtherCAT and Other Industrial Ethernet-Compatible Servo Systems

EtherCAT and other industrial Ethernet systems are expanding into fields beyond factory networks. On the other hand, the conventional implementation style of industrial Ethernet introduces the issue of rising BOM costs due to an increase in the number of required components. Moreover, supporting multiple industrial Ethernet protocols require more reusable software other than industrial Ethernet... » read more

Smallest Thinnest Power Modules For Data Center Optical Modules

Data transmission rates in optical communication field are on a constant rise. This paper describes the ever-increasing demand for highly integrated, small form factor, low profile yet thermally superior and electrically efficient power supply solution to support these high data rates and large amount of data transfer. It then follows to highlight Renesas’s best in class mini power mo... » read more

Renesas / Cyberon Speech Recognition

Traditional voice or speech recognition technology is based on a trained model with specific words or phrases. Natural language processing is word-order independent. This requires large computing power to run the real time data through a neural network. The Cyberon approach is different, allowing the algorithms to run on a small, general purpose MCU. Click here to read more. » read more

Smart Devices Enabled To Efficiently Communicate, Sense, Hear, Act And Interact With User

The latest advancements in embedded systems and communication and sensing technology have led to the increasing development of smart applications. This has been a continuously evolving process, involving either the creation of completely new solutions or the rapid transformation of existing ones into corresponding highly smart environments. The main driving forces of the smart transformation ha... » read more

Overview Of TVOC And Indoor Air Quality

The aim of this white paper is to cover the basics of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and indoor air quality (IAQ). Volatile organic compounds are the main source for poor indoor air quality, which can affect a person’s daily life. Recommendations from various institutions and agencies regarding TVOC levels that are deemed hazardous to human health are given in the “Hazardous Condit... » read more

AI As A Service For Signal Processing

Reality Analytics provides AI tools, optimized for solving problems related to sensors and signals. Working with acceleration, vibration, sound, electrical, RF, and proprietary signal sets, Reality Analytics tools identify signatures of real-world events or conditions in sensor and signal data, and create software that can then spot those signals in the wild, notifying applications and devices ... » read more

64-Bit RISC-V Microprocessor Delivers New Options For IoT Edge Development

Global and rapidly expanding IoT edge devices are becoming increasingly important for connecting various sensors to the cloud via networks. IoT edge devices are progressively integrating 64-bit microprocessors capable of running Linux and similar high-performance operating systems. Moreover, recent import and export regulation changes have produced a need for choices in CPU architecture for mic... » read more

Timing Accuracy For eCPRI Fronthaul And Open RAN

Open RAN is an eCPRI-based open fronthaul interface between the radio unit (RU) and distributed unit (DU) [1]. This white paper discusses timing accuracy for eCPRI fronthaul transport networks. The eCPRI interface is supported by packet switched fronthaul transport networks. When the fronthaul network is used to synchronize an eCPRI node, it must provide timing at the user network interface acc... » read more

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