What’s At Stake In System Design?

Tool functions for improving an overall electronics design.


When engineers refer to system analysis, they are referring to tool functions for improving an overall electronics design.

What you will gain from this eBook:

Power and Signal Integrity

  • Insights into harmonic balancing and crosstalk analysis
  • Learning about loop gain and transmission rates
  • Examining the necessity of power-aware systems

Electromagnetic Analysis

  • Knowledge about the state of electromagnetics in wireless networks
  • Insight into RADAR and LiDAR EM profiles
  • Tips for bending, meshing, and modeling EM behaviors

RF/Microwave Design

  • An understanding of the state of communications technologies
  • Insight into 5G and mmWave designs
  • Acquiring access to a host of design insights on filters, sensors, and antenna

Thermal Analysis

  • An examination of steady-state and transient temperature profiles
  • Knowledge about electrical-thermal power efficiency
  • A breadth of advice on resolving heat transfer challenges

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