Design Considerations For Ultra-High Current Power Delivery Networks

This article is adapted from a presentation at TestConX, March 5-8, 2023, Mesa, AZ. A power-delivery network (PDN), also called a power-distribution network, is a localized network that delivers power from voltage-regulator modules (VRMs) throughout a load board to the package’s chip pads or wafer’s die pads. The PDN includes the VRM itself, all bulk and localized capacitance, board vi... » read more

3D-IC: Operator Learning Framework For Ultra-Fast 3D Chip Thermal Prediction Under Multiple Chip Design Configurations

A new technical paper titled "DeepOHeat: Operator Learning-based Ultra-fast Thermal Simulation in 3D-IC Design" was published (preprint) by researchers at UCSB and Cadence. Abstract "Thermal issue is a major concern in 3D integrated circuit (IC) design. Thermal optimization of 3D IC often requires massive expensive PDE simulations. Neural network-based thermal prediction models can perform ... » read more

Coming In Hot: Requirements For Successful Thermal Management In 3D-IC

As the speed, density, and capabilities of electronics have all increased, power has become a first order driver in almost all electronic systems. For instance, it’s well recognized that heat is often the number one limiting factor in 3D-IC design. High-speed chips stacked close together in a small housing cause things to heat up fast. One of the most common designer responses to overheating ... » read more

In-Design Thermal Analysis For MMIC And RF PCB Power Applications

Next-generation wireless communication and radar systems often demand increased RF power within a smaller footprint to meet the performance and size requirements of their respective commercial and aerospace applications. As a result, RF front-end electronics are exposed to the risk of higher operating temperatures, which degrade RF performance and threaten device reliability. For many device ma... » read more

Research on the Humidity Resistance Reliability of Different Packaging Structures

Abstract "Packaging process is an indispensable part in the process of electronic components manufacturing, and its packaging quality directly affects the nominal power, reliability and other functions of the product in the subsequent application process. Through the research on the humidity resistance reliability of different packaging structures, C-Mount packaging structure, TO packaging str... » read more

Thermal And Stress Analysis Of 3D-ICs With Celsius Thermal Solver

As electronics get smaller and faster, the environment for thermal issues is becoming more and more challenging. These problems are widespread and can appear in the chip, the board, the package, and the entire system. This white paper helps designers understand the cross-fabric thermal and stress challenges introduced by 3D-ICs and how the Cadence Celsius  Thermal Solver helps designers analyz... » read more

The Impact Of Multiphysics On Production Electronic Design

For many electronic design professionals, it has become clear that the industry is transitioning through an inflection point that is shifting some of the ground rules of design. The increase in the speed and integration density in today’s systems are blurring the lines between chip design and traditional board or system design. This finds its fullest expression in multi-die, 3D integrated ... » read more

Thermal Floorplanning For Chips

Heat management is becoming crucial to an increasing number of chips, and it's one of a growing number of interconnected factors that must be considered throughout the entire development flow. At the same time, design requirements are exacerbating thermal problems. Those designs either have to increase margins or become more intelligent about the way heat is generated, distributed, and dissi... » read more

Hot Or Not? An Introduction To Electrical Thermal Co-Design

Heat transfer is not a one-way street. Traditionally, thermal analysis and management is thought of as a mechanical problem. However, modern electronic products are highly susceptible to electronic thermal issues. The electronics are often both the cause of thermal issues and the victim of overheating if temperature profiles exceed specifications. Indeed, over 50% of IC failures are related ... » read more

Thermal Impact On Reliability At 7/5nm

Haroon Chaudhri, director of RedHawk Analysis Fusion at Synopsys, talks about why thermal analysis is shifting left in the design cycle and why this is so critical at the most advanced process nodes. » read more

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