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How To Prevent Identity Theft

It is a well-known fact: Internet usage is booming. 3.2 billion people are online, while more than 7 billion mobile phones are subscribed worldwide. With the rise of activities such as browsing, shopping and online banking, Internet-based crime is on the rise, too. Cifas, a fraud prevention agency based in London, stated that more than 80% of identity theft was attempted or perpetrated onlin... » read more

USA ‘In’ For Chip And Pin

Chip and PIN (or EMV) technology is on its way to a checkout near you whether your retailer likes it or not. With credit card fraud a growing problem for consumers, the USA is about to take the same major step up towards reducing it that was taken by most European countries over a decade ago. Seems logical, so why all the furore around implementing it? At the moment almost all American o... » read more

Plastic Is Dead, Long Live Plastic

This year more than 300bn non-cash payment transactions will take place globally, representing over 50% of all payments. Of these, 300bn plus non-cash transactions, over 200bn, will be made with a plastic payment card; that is a debit, credit, or pre-paid card. Of the 3.5bn payment cards issued this year, over 2bn will be chip cards. But the question is whether the chip cards that are repla... » read more