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Mesh Generation And CFD For A Drone’s Coaxial Rotor

Our Cadence Channel Partner in Scandinavia, neptech, shares a case study investigating the interaction of a coaxial rotor system and how to optimize its efficiency. Coaxial rotor systems are appealing for multirotor drones, as they increase thrust without increasing the vehicle’s footprint. However, the thrust of a coaxial rotor system is reduced compared to having the rotors in line. It... » read more

What Is Intern Reading Club?

As the summer winds down, interns are busy completing their assigned projects and preparing their end of summer presentations. These presentations have been a rite of passage for interns on the Pointwise team for many years and gives each intern a chance to show off what they learned and accomplished. And the rest of the team gets to hear all the details of what they've been working on. Anothe... » read more

Progress And Challenges On The CFD Vision 2030 Roadmap

After a long writing (and longer editing and approval seeking) process, the AIAA's CFD Vision 2030 Integration Committee has published its first update to the Vision's roadmap. This 71 page, thoroughly cited report assesses progress toward the Vision during 2020 and also provides a 5-year look-back. It covers the six domains along which the vision assesses progress in CFD: high performance comp... » read more