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“eNVM Inside” Could Be The Next Catchphrase

Let's do a bit of a refresh on embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) IP and the markets it has ably served: analog/mixed signal, automotive, consumer, industrial and mobile applications. Rather mainstream segments, albeit high value, in need of reliable storage. An estimated 10-billion units shipped in more than 400 chip designs makes eNVM IP a popular choice. See for yourself as we take a ret... » read more

A Closer Look At One-Time Programmable Embedded Memory

Being the first month of the year, chip designers have probably reflected on 2015 and are thinking ahead to upcoming projects this year. They want to produce a product that reflects tomorrow’s needs for electronic devices that include low power, high performance and high security. Now, they’re thinking about embedded memory, a requirement for all electronic devices. It’s captured the atte... » read more

Low-Power Considerations For IoT Devices

The concept of the Internet of Things has produced plenty of fanciful thinking about what’s possible. There are some wonderfully creative idea, not all of them practical. That's too bad, because there are ample areas that could benefit from functional IoT devices, such as: • Infrastructure sensors for buildings and bridges; • Medical sensors for use on or inside the body; • Oil drill... » read more

Emerging IoT Applications Require Careful Consideration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating opportunities in the existing space held by traditional semiconductor applications, typically falling into categories that include industrial, fitness, health and lifestyle to apparel, safety and productivity. But there also are new, inventive devices. In the last several months, we’ve seen the launch of a canine Fitbit, a hybrid dog collar, and dyn... » read more