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It’s All About Attitude

By Jack Harding When I started my career at IBM, one of the favorite sales lines we used was, “No one ever lost their job because they chose IBM.” In the burgeoning business computer market, that was true. Why? It wasn’t the size of the company. Actually, we were forbidden to link customer success with IBM’s “bigness,” which was an artifact of the Consent Decree with the U.S. Dep... » read more

The Five Percent Solution

By Jack Harding When it comes to internal operations, “Do it yourself is dead.” By internal operations I mean all those activities from netlist to EOL (end of life). After all, nobody makes their own EDA tools or wafers. So, why are there a thousand companies with teams of 5 to 200 all doing the same job and, in many cases, poorly? How good can you be at making one or two 65 or 40 nm ch... » read more

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