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Why Does That App Make My Phone Hot?

By Adam Sherer Popular Mechanics examined this topic in 2011, focusing mostly on packaging and other physical conditions. “Poor signal, intense workload and battery charging” were quoted, but the verification engineer knows the part of that list that was glossed over—intense workload. The author of that article waved away that aspect, saying the operating system usually can handle the so... » read more

Power-Up Low-Power Verification

By Adam Sherer When facing low-power verification in the SoC world, everyone could use a few power-ups just like Nintendo’s little plumber, Mario. Sure, Mario could run and jump through a lot of terrain, but when he hit some new challenges he could rely on some new tools and techniques to get him through. Completing your first SoC with a single power control module (PCM) and domain is lik... » read more