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Creating Comprehensive And Verifiable Hardware Security Requirements

Developing effective hardware security requirements is one of the trickiest aspects of building trustworthy electronic products. Even highly skilled and experienced teams don’t always get it right. Why? First, it’s very difficult to anticipate every security risk – much less cover every possible scenario with a specific security requirement. Instead, hardware security requirements o... » read more

Hardware Security Optimization With MITRE CWE

Whether you’re just starting to build out a hardware security program at your organization, or you’re looking to optimize existing hardware security processes, the MITRE Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) database is an excellent resource to keep in your toolbox. What is CWE? A CWE is a type of vulnerability, or flaw, in the design of either hardware or software in embedded systems. Indi... » read more

ISO/SAE 21434: Secure Hardware Development In Modern Vehicles

Demonstrating the importance of security doesn't get much more memorable than Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek successfully hacking a Jeep and driving it into a ditch. The effects of that drive have been long-reaching, sparking conversations in both the media and automotive industry about the evolving threat landscape as vehicles become increasingly automated. The average car contains over 1... » read more

Don’t Have A Meltdown Over A Spectre In Your SoC

You may be concerned about last year’s widely published Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affecting most processors. Are your phone and computer OK? Or more importantly, if you are designing or verifying a System on Chip (SoC), do you have a specter in your design? Let’s first look at what these two vulnerabilities are and how they may be affecting your system. Both vulnerabilitie... » read more