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Exploring The Security Framework Of RISC-V Architecture In Modern SoCs

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, system-on-chip (SoC) designs have become a cornerstone for various applications, from automotive and mobile devices to data centers. These complex systems integrate multiple processors, a multi-level cache hierarchy, and various subsystems that share memory and system resources. However, this open access to shared memory and resources introduces pote... » read more

Weak Verification Plans Lead To Project Disarray

The purpose of the verification plan, or vplan as we call it, is to capture all the verification goals needed to prove that the device works as specified. It’s a big responsibility! Getting it right means having a good blueprint for verification closure. However, getting it wrong could result in bug escapes, wasting of resources, and possibly lead to a device failing altogether. With the foc... » read more

Unified AI/ML Solution Helps Accelerate Verification Curve

With the surge in usage requirements and increasing customer demands, hardware design is quickly becoming more complex. The rapid change in market trends, with a greater focus on technologies such as electric vehicles, dictates the demand for efficient power management and high-performance processing. Verification throughput continues to be a bottleneck as SoC designs increase in size, and so d... » read more

Recipe To Catch Bugs Faster Using Machine Learning

We all agree that verification and debug take up a significant amount of time and are arguably the most challenging parts of chip development. Simulator performance has consistently topped the charts and is a critical component in the verification process. Still, the need of the hour is to stretch beyond simulator speed to achieve maximum verification throughput and efficiency. Artificial in... » read more