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Looking Back At The IoT?

No one can claim the IoT suffers from a lack of attention. A quick search of ProQuest for all mentions of the phrase “Internet of Things” since 2005 turns up 1.5 million results, or more than 400 pieces of content a day. That trumps many other topics, tech-related or otherwise, over the same period of time. For comparison: “smart phone” (478K results), “Apple Computer” (362K results... » read more

IoT’s 3 Big Demands On The Semiconductor Industry

Sometime in the last decade or two, whenever you signed up for your first cell phone contract, you became an untethered node in the electronic data network. Of course no one was talking about IoT then, but the trend – machine-to-machine communication and basic computation, often independent of human input – was already well underway. (What else but an early instantiation of IoT was the hand... » read more

Week 52: It’s Show Time

We made it. This is blog No. 52 on our joint journey to DAC. Part of me can’t believe that Monday I will be opening the 52nd Design Automation Conference. It’s been a roller-coaster year of ups and downs, and I know for sure that without my amazing peers on the DAC executive committee, the conference never would have come together. Thank you guys – you have been great to work with. Let’... » read more

Week 51: Who’s Driving To DAC?

It’s come to the point where I’m counting the days to DAC – especially nerve wracking considering how much I still have to do to get ready. Just this morning I spoke with Jeff Massimilla and Craig Smith about their Wednesday morning keynote dialogue on connected cars. Helping pull together #52DAC, which includes loads of excellent content on automotive systems, has driven home (sorry) how... » read more

Week 50: It’s Not Just A Technical Conference, It’s An Ecosystem

While our free “I love DAC” registration comes to an end this week, there are still a few weeks left to register for the full conference, the designer and IP track, or one of the many co-located events at DAC (see below). Over the last year I’ve been reminded often about the unique niche occupied by DAC. Just last week a good friend was trying to find an industry event in the greater EDA ... » read more

Week 49: Are We There Yet?

When I was a little kid my parents would pack me and my sister into the car and drive to the Mediterranean for our summer camping vacation. It was quite a haul from our home on the west side of Germany near the border with Belgium to the south of France, and as is true of any long car trip, the last stretch was the hardest. After hours in the backseat, my sister and I would be craning our necks... » read more

Week 48: One Week Left For Early Registration

I have to admit, writing the weekly blog has made the countdown to DAC a lot more apparent than it would have been otherwise. When I began blogging last year, I thought the watched-pot-never-boils maxim might apply, that time would drag and I’d run out of things to say months before the opening keynote. Instead, I’m fairly stunned to have just four more blogs to write until “my DAC year�... » read more

Week 47: The Yin And Yang of DAC

In one of my early blog posts I explained that DAC is owned by three non-profit societies: ACM, IEEE/CEDA and EDAC. While the executive committee right now is working on a successful 52nd DAC, planning for future events has already started. Future locations are usually booked years in advance as most of convention center and hotel contracts are signed at least 18 months out. The financial liabi... » read more

Week 46: Don’t Be Late

Last year we moved DAC’s official opening session from Tuesday to Monday. The move makes perfect sense as there is much on the Monday schedule, including tutorials as well as the designer and IP track sessions. The opening session has always been special at DAC. It is the most popular general session as various awards are given out that day too. This is how it works: Throughout the year A... » read more

Week 45: 7 Weeks To DAC

Make sure to download and use the mobile app for #52DAC this year. It will make your time at the conference a lot easier and should even bring you a bit of fun — and a chance to win a new Apple watch. This year the app includes a game called DAC Attack. No, you don’t score by throwing virtual tomatoes at the executive committee, though we can help you rack up points. (More on this in a b... » read more

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