Week 50: It’s Not Just A Technical Conference, It’s An Ecosystem

Dig in, because there’s plenty to hear and see.


While our free “I love DAC” registration comes to an end this week, there are still a few weeks left to register for the full conference, the designer and IP track, or one of the many co-located events at DAC (see below). Over the last year I’ve been reminded often about the unique niche occupied by DAC. Just last week a good friend was trying to find an industry event in the greater EDA realm that resembles DAC. After some searching she decided there is really no other event that similarly encompasses such a unique ecosystem and brings together industry and academic researchers, designers, developers, students and vendors. That all this happens in San Francisco — “the only city I can think of that can survive all the things you people are doing do it and still look beautiful,” according to Frank Lloyd Wright — is the icing on the cake.

The diversity of constituencies we bring together is also apparent in the different collocated conferences we host for the week:

– ACM/IEEE System Level Interconnect Prediction (SLIP)
Embedded TechCon
Design Automation Perspective Challenge
CELUG/EDAC Enterprise Licensing Conference
– Annual IBM Software Defined Infrastructure and Platform LSF User Group
– Electronic System Level Synthesis Conference (ESLSYN)
IWLS – International Workshop on Logic and Synthesis

Registration is still open for the events listed above, as well as for the full DAC conference and the $95 designer special. All attendees of DAC collocated conferences receive access to our exhibit floor and keynotes.

In addition to the collocated conferences we have a wide variety of events for designers lined up at DAC. For one there is the content-rich designer and IP track, with sessions Monday thru Wednesday. Each day is kicked off with amazing keynotes from Google, Delphi Automotive, Intel, GM and others. The exhibit floor provides a wealth of interesting vendor sessions (and giveaways) from EDA vendors, foundries, IP vendors and automotive technology vendors. And make sure to visit the ARM Connected Community Pavilion where 12 ARM partners are exhibiting.

On Thursday we run Training Day with our partner Doulos. Training Day is becoming more and more popular. This is our third year running the program and I believe that both DAC and Doulos are extremely happy with the robust attendance and positive feedback.

I’m definitely seeing the finish line for #52DAC right now. Make sure to register for the full conference or the designer and IP track if you haven’t done so. You don’t want to miss the only ecosystem conference representing our industry. I will see you at DAC!


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