Week 45: 7 Weeks To DAC

It’s time to download the mobile app.


Make sure to download and use the mobile app for #52DAC this year. It will make your time at the conference a lot easier and should even bring you a bit of fun — and a chance to win a new Apple watch.

This year the app includes a game called DAC Attack. No, you don’t score by throwing virtual tomatoes at the executive committee, though we can help you rack up points. (More on this in a bit.) Rather, you simply walk the exhibit floor and scan the QR codes at exhibitors’ booths. If you can’t find the code, just ask the exhibitors, and while you are at it, take a minute to chat and find out more about the design automation solutions on display at the booth. You’ll earn more DAC attack points while doing so. Look for QR codes at the poster and networking sessions as well.

Did I mention Elliott, our DAC super hero and mascot? Elliot will have a QR code, as well, and will be hidden somewhere on the exhibit floor at Moscone. Make sure to scan him; he gets you a ton of extra points. Oh, and please leave him where you found him. DAC Attack has only a few rules, but one is no stealing Elliott!


As for the DAC executive committee, we’ll each be displaying our own QR codes too. So scan us (nicely, please) and make sure to give us your feedback about DAC. We are the ones who can make sure your input is heard.

We will display a heat meter in our mobile app and on our social media wall to show who is in the lead. The top 50% of the attendees playing DAC Attack are eligible for a raffle of two $150.00 gift cards, a Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker, and Beats Solo Headphones. The Grand Prize is the new Apple watch, a device you may have heard a thing or two about in recent weeks. The DAC App is available now for Android and iOS.

Beyond DAC Attack, the mobile app has the entire program and comes with a calendar function so you can organize your visit. Once you download the app, make sure to add the general sessions and SKY talks to your calendar. There is nothing else scheduled in the DAC program during our keynotes and SKY talks so I want to make sure to see you there.

Only seven weeks to go, and even less to take advantage of early registration. The deadline is May 12 to receive a discount so register today.

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