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Robust Design Optimization Of A Ford Turbocharger Compressor

What is robust design optimization (RDO), and is it better than standard optimization? In this customer case, we describe a multi-disciplinary optimization of a turbocharger compressor from Ford Motor Company, in which we demonstrate it is. RDO combines standard numerical optimization with sensitivity analysis to take into account the influence of manufacturing variations and operating uncer... » read more

Reducing Fuel Consumption By Optimizing Engine Parts With CFD

How to reduce the carbon footprint of the automotive industry? Mobility comes with huge CO2 emissions and drastically reducing them is a top priority of vehicle designers today. It is no surprise that simulation can play a major part in finding solutions for this important challenge. Simulation can provide insight, reduce time-to-market, improve reliability, and reduce engineering cost for ne... » read more

Fluid Dynamics Of Sonic Booms From Supersonic Aircraft

The return to supersonic flight is amongst the hottest topics in aviation today, as several companies (Boom Supersonic and Aerion, among others) are actively developing new supersonic commercial airliners targeted to enter in service in the coming years. In this context, a quiet flight over land is one of the major challenges to ensure the regulatory compliance of such airliners. Several resea... » read more