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Automated Assertion-Based Verification Methodologies For IP And SoC Development

The rapid growth in complexity and size of modern System on Chip devices (SoCs), along with the expense of developing these ICs, has driven the need for design reusability. Today, SoC designs are typically built as a collection of individual IP (Intellectual Property) blocks stitched together with glue logic. These IP can be sourced from multiple design teams, including many 3rd-party teams. So... » read more

The IC Supply Chain: The Day After Tomorrow

Last month, I wrote about the implications of hacking in a connected world. Judgment Day from the Terminator franchise came to mind. All that paranoia is still “out there” a bit, I admit. Let’s bring it down to a more pedestrian level in this post… Plenty has been written about the disaggregated, distributed, worldwide semiconductor supply chain. Design groups all over the world work... » read more

Chips And EDA: The Day After Tomorrow

By Mike Gianfagna Summer blockbuster movie season is in full swing, and there’s a lot of science fiction content musing about what the future will look like. That got me thinking about what a “Day After Tomorrow” movie that dealt with EDA and the semiconductor supply chain might look like. OK, no studio is going to pick up this story, I get it. But for those of us in this business, the p... » read more

SEMICON Season And The DAC Dilemma

By Mike Gianfagna Amid great fanfare and excitement, SEMICON West started this week. While not as old as DAC (43 years for SEMICON vs. 50 years for DAC), it is a broad and ambitious conference. Billed as “the flagship annual event for the global microelectronics industry,” the conference treats topics such as: Wow, that phrase it taken directly from a SEMCON West email blast, and ... » read more

DAC Is Where?

By Mike Gianfagna DAC season is upon us. I gave up counting the number of DACs I’ve attended a long time ago—when I turned 29 for the third time, I believe. This year, DAC is special in a few important ways. First of all, it’s the 50th DAC. Yes, the show has indeed been around that long. It started as a workshop with a bunch of engineers debating algorithms. For an industry that is arg... » read more

Uncommon Goals

I had the opportunity to attend the Common Platform event recently. This is a technology and business showcase sponsored by Global Foundries, IBM and Samsung with major support from ARM, Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor. Wow, that’s some serious sponsorship. The event was well run and provided a good balance of technology details and business outlook. The wine at the evening reception was decent ... » read more

Low Power: A Solved Problem (?)

The Consumer Electronics Show simply begs to be written about. I had the good fortune of attending the show in person a few years back. I’m now addicted to it. A lot of those reading this will be familiar with the Design Automation Conference. If you are, think of how many people are riding in the elevator vs. how many are in the grand ballroom (any venue will do). That’s a good way to unde... » read more

No Road, No Roadmap

Happy holidays! It’s almost that time of year. Well-wishing and celebration are customary around now. I’ll get to that in a moment. But so are retrospectives and prognostication. Let’s focus on those for a moment. What has 2012 brought us, and what lies ahead? While there have been many technology advances and exciting new product introductions this past year, one fact shines through a... » read more

Tales From The Road

By Mike Gianfagna We recently held a SpyGlass Power “boot camp” at Atrenta San Jose. We brought in 15 of our best and brightest field AEs from all over the world and discussed the very latest techniques for advanced power optimization. When you get a group of folks like this together in one room, the learning typically goes both ways. The “students” (the FAEs) certainly learn a lot ... » read more

RTL Power Reduction Triathlon

Unless you’ve just come out of a week-long coma, you’ve been watching at least part of the Olympic Games in London. The years of training, the drama of competition, the thrill of victory… (you know the rest). Some contests come down to the smallest of margins to define who wins gold. The recent women’s triathlon is one such case. After a 500-meter swim, a 43-kilometer bike ride and a 10... » read more

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