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Software-Defined Vehicles: The Automotive Revolution With Silicon At Its Heart

The automotive sector is undergoing immense change. The retirement of the internal combustion engine (ICE) in favor of electrified powertrains and a shift towards autonomy has provided carmakers the opportunity to reimagine and redefine the entire automotive experience: how a car looks, works, and behaves, from the tires up. But such change isn’t easy. An industry founded on the manufactur... » read more

Smart Manufacturing: What’s Needed For The Industrial Intelligence Revolution?

Smart manufacturing – the use of nascent technology within the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) to address traditional manufacturing challenges – is leading a supply chain revolution, resulting in smart, connected, and intelligent environments, capable of self-operation and self-healing. While factory automation has been around for decades, smart manufacturing goes a great deal furth... » read more

Holistic 3D-IC Interposer Analysis In Product Designs

The miniaturization trend in electronic devices and the rise in smart and IoT device segments make adopting heterogeneous integration of chip components or 3D-ICs a viable option for miniaturization and better interconnection. This vertical stacking of ICs enables the next generation of sophisticated, intelligent devices, necessitating high chip density and terabytes of bandwidth. As per the f... » read more