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SoC Telemetry & Performance Analysis Using Statistical Profiling Extension

The Arm Statistical Profiling Extension (SPE) is an architectural feature designed for enhanced instruction execution profiling within Arm CPUs. This feature has been available since the introduction of the Neoverse N1 CPU platform in 2019, along with performance monitor units (PMUs) generally available in Arm CPUs. An important step in extracting value from capabilities like SPE and PMUs is th... » read more

Enabling The Next Mobile Computing Revolution

We’ve come a long way Just think about the ‘mobile computing’ revolution over the last five years – the compute tasks we routinely handle on our mobile phonesdaily, equal those that were only possible to execute using laptops and desktops several years ago. With a direct and uninterrupted power supply from the wall, laptopsand desktops require fan-assisted cooling, a... » read more