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How To Plan And Conduct Highly Accelerated Life Testing

Assessing the robustness of an electronic product is integral to successful design and performance. Highly accelerated life testing (HALT) is an important testing tool for this purpose, and its effectiveness can be maximized through careful planning prior to setup and detailed execution. What is HALT? HALT is the process of applying increased stressors to an electronic device to force failure... » read more

Building Better Batteries With Parameter Characterization

By Chris South and Theresa Duncan The global economy is rapidly transitioning to portable and storable electricity, which impacts every major technology sector, especially consumer electronics, clean energy, and mobility/transportation. The electric vehicle (EV) market, in particular, has seen a significant uptick in sales in the past decade. According to BloombergNEF, by 2040 over half of ... » read more

Accelerated Life Testing For Failure Prediction

By Theresa Duncan and Chris South Product reliability is essential for success, especially for electronic products like printed circuit boards (PCB). Accelerated life testing (ALT) is an expedient and cost-effective solution to determine the reliability and robustness of an electronic product or component. ALT uncovers potential failure risks and quantifies the life characteristics of a p... » read more