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Case Study – Socket Metrology

From hours to seconds, the SQ3000 CMM optimized our customer’s backend inspection and socket metrology cutting cost and increasing yields for their high-volume manufacturing.Our customer was leveraging a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) to handle the intricate measurements required for their socket metrology, semiconductor jigs and mobile phone sensors. Click here to continue reading. » read more

NanoResolution MRS Sensor Delivers Fast, Precise 3D Inspection And Measurement For Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Applications

The semiconductor packaging industry continues to advance, with new designs adding more layers, finer features and more I/O channels to achieve faster connections, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption. As packaging technologies have evolved, manufacturers have adapted old processes and adopted new processes to connect chips to each other and to the outside world. Often these new process... » read more

Case Study – Semiconductor Auto Multi Sensor

CyberOptics’ WaferSense sensor, Auto Multi Sensor (AMS), combines an Auto Leveling Sensor (ALS), Auto Vibration Sensor (AVS), and a humidity sensor in a thin, light, all-in-one multi sensor. The ALS and AVS have well-established records of success for their ease-of-use, robust performance and convenient form factor. The addition of the humidity sensing (to tilt and vibration) in the AMS lets ... » read more

Multi-Part Scanning And Inspection With CyberGage360

Case Study: How upgrading an inspection process to inspect 500-1000 parts per day improved what was an existing manual process. The manual process was costly and time consuming. Manual inspection of individual parts proved ineffective as defects were not always detected by operators. CyberGage360 automates 3D scanning and inspection of a batch of small parts in one scan cycle, increasing throug... » read more

Inspection And Metrology Of Micro LED Technology

Micro LEDs developed using Rohinni’s technology can be deployed in consumer electronics devices, automotive applications and outdoor signage, among other applications. The disruptive technology enables products that are brighter, thinner, lighter and more dynamic that those currently on the market, with lower power consumption than LCD or OLED. Rohinni needed an inspection and metrology so... » read more

CT Scanning Baseballs

Climate change, manufacturing tolerances or design changes? What caused so many more home runs in professional baseball this year? CyberOptics will not be able to help you learn how climate change affected the home run statistics this year, but utilizing 3D industrial CT scanning could help identify changes in baseball design and manufacturing which may have contributed to a record spike in hom... » read more

Addressing High Precision Automated Optical Inspection Challenges With 3D Technology

Driven by the continued decrease in the size of electronics packaging, combined with the increase in density, there is a critical need for highly accurate 3D inspection for defect detection. Using multi-view 3D sensors and parallel projection, it is possible to capture more of the board at a faster rate as compared to serial image acquisition which is more time consuming. Precise 3D image re... » read more

Extending 3D MRS Sensor Technology To Address Challenging Measurement And Inspection Applications

There is an increasing need for highly accurate 3D inspection and measurement capabilities for applications in SMT, semiconductor and metrology markets. 3D Multiple Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor technology has been effectively combined with Automated Optical Inspection for several years and is now being utilized for many SPI applications such as microelectronics and sub-100-micron sold... » read more

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