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Shaping Industry 4.0 By Empowering The Smart Factory

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to create autonomous production in which people, machines, systems, and products communicate with each other independently. The result are intelligent value chains and product life cycles that begin with development, continue through manufacturing, assembly, product delivery and maintenance, and finally end with recycling. In this way, not only production is contro... » read more

Highly Reliable Solutions Unleashing The Benefits Of Predictive Maintenance

Time and again, malfunctions in devices inside a building like HVAC, elevator, refrigeration, and other building systems can lead to severe operational disruption, resulting in increasing maintenance costs and discomfort for its occupants. Predictive maintenance can be an effective way to avoid unplanned downtime. It monitors the condition of equipment in real time and schedules maintenance bef... » read more

Comfortable, Safe, And Energy-Efficient Homes And Buildings

The market for smart home technology is booming. More and more things are able to make decisions and perform actions on their own – completely without human intervention, as things talk to things. For example, the washing machine communicates with the solar system on the roof and only starts when the sun is shining and there is enough green electricity available. Or the air conditioner automa... » read more

Deconstructing Innovations In IoT Sensors: New Combinations

In 1883, Professor Warren Seymour Johnson (1847-1911) received his first patent for an electric tele-thermoscope, a device that could automatically control and regulate room temperature. Globally, this energy-efficient and comfortable thermostat system has been widely used in large buildings. To market his system, Johnson established the Johnson Electric Service Company, which eventually became... » read more

Robots Need More Human Skills

Robots need freedom. At least if they are working intelligently with humans. Out of the cage, into the open shop floor of a factory. However, with freedom, great challenges await robots, which previously only knew their small world behind protective grids and their highly specialized activities. Here they have to cope with humans who are vulnerable, sometimes unpredictable, but in any case al... » read more

Don’t Put Up With Industrial Fake News

“Fake news has become a major problem, influencing elections, affecting major political events and the credibility of every piece of content on social media, fake news or not. And ‘industrial fake news’ in turn is indeed a big problem for businesses,” says Patrick Lamplmair, CEO of the European deep tech startup Tributech, data trust expert, and guest on our new #MakeIoTwork podcast epi... » read more