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The 5G mmWave Commercialization Effort Is Underway

By David Vondran and Rodrigo Carrillo-Ramirez 5G broadband cellular technology entered its first major rollout phase in 2019. In recent years, 5G adoption has been very visible among the consumer electronics industry, with 5G capabilities now being a key selling point for mid-tier to high-end mobile devices. Behind the scenes, however, there have been a number of developments designed to ... » read more

The Future Of Connectivity Is Higher Data Rates And Micro-Positioning

These days, we tend to take global wireless connectivity for granted. Whether we’re in a coffee shop, a hotel room, or a plane at 35,000 feet, chances are that we’ll be able to enjoy Internet access at reasonable speeds. But despite this constant connectedness, we still manage to misplace our keys and forget where we left our smartphones. New connectivity technologies are promising to ha... » read more

The Future Of Wireless Test Is Over The Air

The deployment of mmWave technology is synonymous with 5G rollout and the initial results for faster links are amazing. For example, using a mmWave band, the prospects of a 1-2 Gbps link means a typical HD movie can download in less than a minute. An upload link of 30 Mbps also enables the transfer of videos back to the cloud at a record pace. These user experiences are enabled by the antenna l... » read more

The Great Migration To 5G Is Underway

Every decade brings with it a plethora of technology changes, and the cumulative effects of 50+ years of changes in wireless technologies are noteworthy for how they have changed the way we communicate. The 80’s began the era of personal computing along with 1G rollout The 90’s saw the advent of 64-bit microprocessor architecture in consumer devices coinciding with 2G rollout The... » read more