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Building A More Secure SoC

SoC integrators know that a software-only chip security plan leaves devices open to attack. All that a hacker needs to do is find a way to replace key parts of the bootloader or the low-level firmware to compromise other software in the system used to support secure access. The most simple attacks come remotely over a network, and these can be patched with software upgrades. However, we see ... » read more

Beyond The RISC-V ISA

For chip architects and designers today, “the ISA” in RISC-V is a small consideration. The concern isn’t even choosing “the core.” Designers today are faced by a “whole system” problem—a problem of systemic complexity. That fact is implicit in the picture that I show people to explain the UltraSoC embedded analytics architecture. It shows a block-level representation of an So... » read more

Bugs With Long Tails Can Be Costly Pests

I don’t think Van Gogh was considering high performance computing or server architecture, but he made a lot of sense when he said "great things are done by a series of small things brought together." A series of very small things can, and do, create big things: that’s the fundamental premise of long-tail marketing: Amazon, for one has built a strong business from selling millions of niche i... » read more