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Securing Server Systems And Data At The Hardware Level

Across the global internet, there’s a growing need to secure data, not only coursing over the network, but within the servers in data centers and deployed at the edge. Interconnect technologies such as Compute Express Link (CXL) will enable future servers to be disaggregated into composable resources that can be finely matched to the requirements of varied workloads and support virtualized co... » read more

Securing Data In Motion With MACsec

For end-to-end security of data, it must be secured both when “at rest” (processed or stored in a connected device) and when it is “in motion” (communicated between connected devices). For data at rest, a hardware root of trust anchored in silicon provides that foundation upon which all data and device security is built. For example, the security of applications builds on an uncompromis... » read more