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Quantum Computing: Top 5 Questions Answered

At one time, quantum computing was a theoretical conversation restricted to the halls of academia and the imaginations of science fiction visionaries. As breakthroughs in this emerging technology space accelerate, attention and investment are gaining momentum from commercial, governmental, and industrial sectors. The emerging quantum computing use cases are generating substantial buzz—and q... » read more

How Can You Use ChatGPT For Software Testing?

All eyes have been on OpenAI and its brainchild ChatGPT in recent months. ChatGPT’s ability to understand and respond to complex instructions and deliver detailed responses to user prompts has led to an explosive rise in its popularity with the public. If you were to search online for “ChatGPT tips,” you can find content to help you use the tool to tailor resumes to job postings, create... » read more

Shattered Silos: 2024’s Top Technology Trends

Technological innovation is increasingly focused on solving pressing, global challenges like climate change, disaster response, and accessible, preventative healthcare. Time is of the essence in finding solutions to these issues. On the global stage, the deadline for the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a framework of strategies to tackle climate change, improve heal... » read more

The Drive To Disrupt: How Digital Twins Are Fueling Automotive Innovation

It can be argued that disruptive innovation in the auto sector has defined each of the modern eras. Through history, engineering breakthroughs have shaped the human experience. The wheel and calendar, printing press and cotton gin, electricity and the assembly lines are the vehicles by which we tell the story of human progress. Henry Ford's assembly line not only democratized motor vehicle owne... » read more

Digital Twins Answer The Question, “What If?”

Anyone who has purchased consumer electronics understands that each new version of a device will include new features and enhanced functionality that persuade customers to upgrade their old devices. The tantalizing promise of 'new and improved' performance is something that marketers like me home in on and leverage as competitor differentiation. Episode 5 of the Source De[Code] podcast explores... » read more