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Damage Detection For Reliable Microelectronics

Over the past few years, the reliability and safety of electronic systems have become increasingly more important. Ongoing digitalization has made these systems an integral part of many items of daily use. This means that failures are becoming more and more critical as they can cause considerable disruption – even when they occur in consumer electronics. Today, electronics are also indispensa... » read more

Predictive Health Monitoring In Functional Safety

Functional safety first became a major issue for the semiconductor industry in 2011 with the introduction of the ISO 26262 standard for implementing functional safety in the automotive industry. Before that, functional safety had already been standardized in a general manner for all industries since the end of the 1990s in IEC 61508. However, in the field of industrial automation, where the IEC... » read more

Functional Safety: Current Status And Perspectives With A View Toward Standardization Bodies

Functional safety is a topic highly driven by standards. This is due in part to legislation and regulation, but it also arises from the fact that functional safety spans a wide range of fields. Even before specific standards were introduced, there were products that met the social consensus on safety. For example, carmakers were making cars that were safe and incorporated electrical and elec... » read more

Functional Safety For Fail-Operational Systems

Functional safety issues have long been an important part of product development wherever machine operations that are potentially dangerous for humans are carried out unattended. However, in terms of electrical and electronic systems, the need has been limited to a few industries such as medical technology and aerospace. Apart from that, the functional safety concepts were only used for niche p... » read more

Mission Profiles

In the field of electronic systems, the mission profile has been one of the key concepts since the start of the scientific examination of the subject of reliability. Its exact meaning varies with time and the industry using it. In particular, over the course of increasing digitalization and networking in the context of IoT and the opportunities resulting from this, the subject of mission profil... » read more