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Fully Reconfigurable DSP: As Fast As Hardwired At ~2x Area/Power

Today if you want high performance DSP you have three choices: Hardwire your function – zero flexibility Use DSP IP based on VLIW Use FPGAs with DSP MACs or math engines What we hear from customers is that there is a growing need for very fast and very flexible DSP, which hardwired solutions can’t address. And that the fastest solutions are FPGAs, but they are big, high pow... » read more

Issues And Challenges In Super-Resolution Object Detection And Recognition

If you want high performance AI inference, such as Super-Resolution Object Detection and Recognition, in your SoC the challenge is to find a solution that can meet your needs and constraints. You need inference IP that can run the model you want at high accuracy. You need inference IP that can run the model at the frame rate you want: higher frame rate = lower latency, more time for dec... » read more