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The Growing Role Of Extended Supply Chain Collaboration

At the executive keynote panel held at Semicon West 2015, one of the key industry challenges discussed was the growing need for closer collaboration between supply chain partners in order to support the fast time to market and shortened product lifecycles of today’s consumer electronics. Traditionally, the yield ramp phase has been a critical time to resolve manufacturing issues, enable high ... » read more

More People Use Phones Than Toothbrushes…

“Business Has Only Two Functions – Marketing and Innovation” — Milan Kundera There may be more to running a successful business than marketing and innovation, but these two functions were front-and-center at SEMICON West 2014. This year’s industry gathering was an important, and positive, step forward together. Because of the gravity of the challenges facing our industry – funda... » read more

All Together Now!

Consolidation is changing the face of our industry. It is tempting to think that a narrower more consolidated industry is easier to navigate and might require less facilitated coordination and collaboration. However, it turns out the reverse is true. With fewer, but much bigger companies, the bets become exponentially bigger.  At the same time technical challenges — such as advanced tra... » read more

Driving Innovation: From Talk to Action

During the recent SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium, one of the themes focused on the challenges of building an innovative workforce with fresh ideas. KLA CEO and president Rick Wallace’s opening keynote address included an appeal for industry to actively recruit more young talent to foster greater levels of innovative thinking. He said that only four percent of the U.S. workforce is compos... » read more

SEMICON West: Accelerating R&D

By Karen Savala Earlier this month, SEMI announced the addition of the Silicon Innovation Forum (SIF) to SEMICON West to help accelerate the innovation pipeline for advanced semiconductor technology. This exciting program was developed in collaboration with leading strategic investment groups in our industry, including Applied Ventures, Dow Chemical Company, Intel Capital, Micron Ventures, TE... » read more