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The City In The Tower: 3D ICs Transform The Electronics System Landscape

By Keith Felton and Todd Burkholder The time of 3D integrated circuits (3D ICs) is here, and they will revolutionize the semiconductor industry and effect a watershed in the nature of electronics products that can be designed and manufactured. Yet again—as with personal computers, the internet, and smart phones—our increasingly digital world will never be the same. 3D IC architectures... » read more

The Seven Pillars Of IC Package Physical Design

Today’s heterogeneously integrated semiconductor packages represent a breakthrough technology that enables dramatic increases in bandwidth and performance with reduced power and cost compared to what can be currently achieved in traditional monolithic SoC designs. Figure 1. A heterogeneously integrated device with 47 chiplets. (Image Source: Intel) The evolving landscape of packagin... » read more

Optimizing System-Level Connectivity In Heterogenous Automotive Packages

By Keith Felton and Cristina Somma With the massive growth of electronics in the automotive sector (such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and safety systems), the complexity, capabilities, and volume of semiconductors is rapidly increasing the demand for greater package connectivity density. This has led to high-end IC-package solutions, such as copper pillar bumping with very fi... » read more