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An Integrated Approach To Power Domain And CDC Verification

Reducing power consumption is essential for both mobile and data center applications. Yet it is a challenge to lower power while minimally impacting performance. The solution has been to partition designs into multiple power domains which allow selectively reducing voltage levels or powering off partitions. Traditional low power verification validates only the functional correctness of power... » read more

Four Steps To Resolving Reset Domain Crossing Data-Corruption In Automotive SoCs

By Kurt Takara (Siemens EDA), Ankush Sethi (NXP), and Aniruddha Gupta (NXP) Modern automotive SoCs typically contain multiple asynchronous reset signals to ensure systematic functional recovery from unexpected situations and faults. This complex reset architecture leads to a new set of problems such as possible reset domain crossing (RDC) issues. Conventional clock domain crossing (CDC) veri... » read more