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Meeting Fundamental Interface Requirements For Camera And Display With Integrated MIPI IP

Cameras and displays are used in cars, industrial and medical devices, smartphones and other mobile devices, and machine vision applications. Over the years, the required data for high resolution videos and images have increased, forcing camera and display SoCs to process more complex visual data. The MIPI Alliance offers a portfolio of camera and display interfaces that deliver differentiation... » read more

Embedded Display IP Solution For 4K Resolutions

By Licinio Sousa, Synopsys, and Vassilis Androutsopoulos, Arm To meet consumers’ demands for high-resolution content and visual quality, high-end smartphones are moving from wide quad HD (WQHD) displays to ultra-high-resolution 4K displays. For AR/VR applications, since the display is closer to the eyes and must maintain visual quality, more pixels and high refresh rates are needed. Higher... » read more