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Today IoT Is Cool, Tomorrow IoT Can Change Mankind

Who today doesn’t think IoT is cool? And, why not? We’re in an era where everything is connected to everything else in a six degrees of separation-like scenario for our electronics devices. Automatic washing machines and domestic refrigerators were cool to our grandparents because they enabled them to have more time for other pursuits. IoT is cool today for the same reason. Smart homes,... » read more

Analog Evolves Into Mixed Signal

Predictions about the Internet of Things suggest this may be the new “Killer App,” something the semiconductor industry has long been looking for. Reinforcing the forecasts are television commercials from companies such as Cisco and GE touting the IoT’s impact on everything from jet engines to robots, capturing everyone’s imagination. New categories of products such as smartwatches will... » read more

Memories Offer Measure Of Security For IoT Devices

Consumers are going to extremes to keep their electronic devices secure. A first-person account in The New York Times offered a novel way to thwart thieves from breaking into a car with a remote keyless system and stealing it — the author kept her car keys in the freezer. As extreme as this seems, it may only get worse as we move into the era of the Internet of Things. A recent Hewlett-Pac... » read more