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The Power Of Big Data: Or How To Make Perfect 30-Minute Brownies In Only 30 Minutes

You're scrolling online, and the picture stops you in your tracks, grabs you, captivates you. Glistening chocolate pieces are, determinedly yet slowly, oozing down a moist brownie with a crisped-to-perfection, powdered topping. It sits there, confident, flaking lazily onto a bone-white china plate. It looks delicious—mouthwatering—and, apparently, you can make it with just a 30-minute inves... » read more

Design Flows At 5nm And Beyond

It’s probably the first time that you’ll ever hear an old (well, old-ish!) person say this, but things were easier back in my day. 40 nanometers was the most advanced node that I ever designed SoCs at and, although it wasn’t easy back then, it pales against the myriad of challenges facing designers today. Back then, compartmentalization of function and roles was relatively easy. We do ... » read more